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We also have a list of religious intolerance news for this month. 
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bullet 2007-NOV-29: Israeli says elusive biblical wall found: A team of archeologists in Jerusalem led by Eilat Mazar, head of the Institute of Archaeology at the Shalem Center, has uncovered what they believe to be a wall mentioned in the book of Nehemiah, chapters 3 to 6. They were attempting to stabilize a tower which was in danger of collapsing. They found pottery shards, arrowheads and other artifacts under the tower and a nearby wall that they dated to the 5th century BCE, the time of Nehemiah.

Regan Doherty of the Associated Press wrote:

"Ephraim Stern, professor emeritus of archaeology at Hebrew University and chairman of the Archaeological Council, corroborated Mazar's claim. 'The material she showed me is from the Persian period," the period of Nehemiah, he said. "I can sign on the date of the material she found'."

"Another scholar disputed the significance of the discovery. Israel Finkelstein, professor of archaeology at Tel Aviv University, called the discovery 'an interesting find,' but said the pottery and other remains do not indicate that the wall was built in the time of Nehemiah. Because the debris was not connected to a floor or other structural part of the wall, the wall could have been built later, Finkelstein said."

" 'The wall could have been built, theoretically, in the Ottoman period,' he said. 'It's not later than the pottery — that's all we know'." 1


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  1.  Regan Doherty, "Israeli says elusive bibical wall found [sic]," Yahoo! News, 2007-NOV-29, at:

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