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We also have a list of religious intolerance news for this month. 
Sad to say, these are usually much longer lists.

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APR-01: TX: ROTC cadets learn about Islam:   10


APR-05: MI: "Jimmy Carter Work Project Interfaith Build:" Bob Edgar of the National Council of Churches is leading a 100 person team that will construct what is allegedly the first ever habitat house built by a team of interfaith folks. Team members pay for their transportation costs and a $ 750 registration which covers on-site food and lodging. They are also encouraged to make a donation towards construction costs. To become involved, you can sign up by Email before APR-15. to reserve your place. Be sure to include your name and address. If you can contribute to materials, go to 11

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  1. DayWatch is a daily service of Maranatha Christian Journal. It provides "a daily summary of news headlines with a Christian perspective..." The newsletter is free on request. Their web site is at: 
  2. ENI (Ecumenical News International) provides free bulletins and subscriptions to full text articles. Their home page is at: Its postal address is: PO Box 2100, CH - 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland
  3. ReligionToday provides free newsletters to which you can subscribe at: These summaries are part of, which also includes,,,,,,,,, and
  4. Reuters is "the world's leading financial information and news group. Their web page is at: 
  5. CitizenLink is a service of Focus on the Family. They send regular Emails containing news items interpreted from a Fundamentalist Christian perspective. Signup is at: 
  6. Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network is a leading anti-defamation group which fights discrimination against Neopagans. See: 
  7. Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS) maintains a free mailing list. Go to to subscribe.
  8. EWTN is a news service of the Roman Catholic Church. It posts news items from Newsline, Newslink, and The World Over on its Internet site at:
  9. Alternative Religions Educational Network (AREN) is an information organization located in Philadelphia. It has monitored discrimination against Wiccans throughout North America for three decades. Their web page is at:
  10. Marie Delahoussaye, "ROTC cadets learn about Islam," The Daily Texan, University of Texas at Austin, 2005-APR-01, at:
  11. "Nail Down Your Spot: Help us build Habitat For Humanity's first Interfaith House," Faithful America E-Zine, 2005-APR-04.

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Originally written: 2005-APR-02
Latest update: 2005-APR-25
Compiler: B.A. Robinson

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