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Events of the Month


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Events during 2003-SEPTEMBER:

Many religions celebrate harvest festivals during this month. They are generally centered around the time of the Autumn equinox.

bulletSEPTEMBER is National Hispanic-American Heritage Month. It is a time to study the contributions that Hispanics have made to American society.
bulletSEP-1: The First Parkash is observed by Sikhs. This recalls the day when Adi Granth, their holy scripture, was installed at the Golden Temple in 1604 CE.
bulletSEP-1: The first Monday in September is Labor Day, a secular holiday observed in many countries around the world. It celebrates the contributions made by workers.
bulletSEP-3: The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women entered into force on 1981-SEP-3. It is a day to review residual manifestations of sexism worldwide.
bulletSEP-8: This is the day traditionally associated with the birth of the Virgin Mary by the Roman Catholic church. Her actual day, month, year, and location of birth are unknown.
bulletSEP-8: UNESCO, the United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization sponsors International Literacy Day. It focuses attention on adult and child literacy. 1
bulletSEP-9 approx: National Days of Prayer and Remembrance:  In 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush proclaimed days of prayers and remembrance during the weekend close to the anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attack. He is expected to repeat the call in 2003. In 2002, he wrote: "I ask all Americans to join together in cities, communities, neighborhoods, and places of worship to honor those who were lost, to pray for those who grieve, and to give thanks for God's enduring blessings on our land. And let us, through prayer, seek the wisdom, patience, and strength to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice and to press for a world at peace."
bullet SEP-10: Chusok (aka Crop Day, Moon Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival) This is held in many far-Eastern countries on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Ancestors and guardian spirits are honored. 
bulletSEP-10: Buddhists celebrate Ullambana (aka Happy Buddha Day, and The fest of the Hungry Ghosts). They make offerings in the form of candles (symbolic of wisdom), fresh flowers (symbolizing the shortness of life) and incense (representing good conduct) to a statue of the Buddha.
bulletSEP-21: The United Nations has declared that the International Day of Peace be observed on the opening day of its annual regular session. It is supported by "We the Peoples" initiative, which is composed of 250 organizations. People all over the world are asked to stop at noon, their time, to think about and/or pray for peace.
bulletSEP-12: Zoroastrians observe the first day of Ghambar Paitishem, a celebration of the harvesting of corn and of the creation of the earth.
bulletSEP-19: This is the 21th anniversary of the invention of the smiley symbol  :-)  which was first used on 1982-SEP-19. It was first suggested by Scott Fahlman, an artificial intelligence researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, as a method of differentiating jokes from other writing. This has absolutely nothing to do with religion, but we thought you would like to know.
bulletSEP-23: Buddhists celebrate Higan, which means literally "the other shore." It is celebrated on the day of the equinox. It symbolizes peace, equality and harmony. Ancestors are honored, and families visit their family grave sites.
bulletSEP-20 (approx): Pagan Pride Day: This is celebrated in various U.S. cities on days close to the Fall Equinox by Neopagans, such as Wiccans, Druids, etc.
bulletSEP-23 at 10:46 UT: The Fall Equinox (a.k.a. Mabon) occurs on this day -- a time when the daytime and night time are closest to being equal -- each lasting approximately 12 hours, 0 minutes. It is the main harvest festival for Wiccans and other Neopagans. It is also celebrated by followers of many aboriginal religions, worldwide.
bulletSEP-27, sunset: This is the eve of Rosh Hashanah, and the Jewish anniversary of creation. This is New Years day for the year 5764, and the first of the ten Days of Awe (or Days of Repentance).
bulletSEP-26: This is the first day of the ten day Hindu celebration of Navaratra Deshara. Durga, wife of Shiva, is honored.
bulletSEP-23 or 28: These are the days on which the birthday of Confucius is remembered by followers of Confucianism. Confucius teachings stress self-enlightenment through the Five Virtues of charity, justice, propriety, wisdom and loyalty. In Taiwan, costumed dancers perform at local temples.

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Although care was taken in the preparation of this list, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or their consequences.

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  1. George W. Bush, "National Days of Prayer and Remembrance Proclamation," at:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/
  2. "Facts About International Literacy Day," International Reading Association, at:
  3. "DC Pagan Pride Day," at: www.openhearth.org/paganpride

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Copyright © 2003 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Essay prepared on 2003-JUN-1
Latest update: 2003-JUL-1
Compiled by B.A. Robinson

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