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An essay donated by Arthur Trafford

An essay about Jesus and the virgin birth

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Is your Messiah a real or counterfeit Messiah?¬

My¬ Messiah is the same Messiah that is related to King David (of the Davidic Covenant); and The Messiah who walked with and taught the Apostles¬ of¬ Yeshua The Christ .¬ My Messiah is 100 % human and 100 % God; whereas most Christians really only believe in a Messiah that is 50% human and 50% God (and they don't even realize it)!!!

The Jews know that their Messiah is a blood relative of King David and of the tribe of Judah.¬ The "Seed" of David reference in the Bible refers to a human male producing children.¬ The Creator God only gives the responsibility for human reproduction to Adam & Eve and their descendants (which including you and me) to thousands of generations and God doesn't change or alter the law of human reproduction, not even for the Messiah (especially since the Bible says that the Messiah is like us physically---but sinless).¬

I now know that Joseph's "Seed" is what caused Mary to be pregnant with the child Jesus.¬ If Joseph isn't the biological father, then Joseph adopting Jesus isn't going to make Jesus related to King David or his descendants. ¬ In the same way Sarah adopting the child that Abraham fathered, didn't make him the child of God's Promise, but only a child of passion and lust.¬ Isaac was the child of promise and not his older half-brother.¬

Christians will state that Jesus is 100% God and 100% human.¬ And that Jesus has a body "Just like ours". ¬ I am pretty sure that the person reading this essay has a human mother and a human father who God used to give them life (which makes me like the person who is reading this essay). If you are born of a virgin, you are not "just like me" !!!¬ If Joseph didn't get Mary pregnant then Jesus is 50% human because of Mary; and Jesus is 50% God because of God.¬

When we humans are conceived, God puts a human "CREATED SPIRIT" in the unborn children that we are. ¬ When Jesus was conceived¬ by Joseph and Mary, God did something different to¬ THEIR child; instead of putting a human "created spirit" in Jesus, God puts His own Spirit into the child Jesus!!! Which means Jesus now has a 100% human body (because of Joseph's seed and Mary's womb) and 100% God, because there is "no" human "created spirit" of a person in Jesus, but only the "Spirit of God"!!!¬

God destroyed ancient Israel because of their unbelief, killing the prophets of God and killing their Promised Messiah and ours!¬ I realize that all humans ever born, are responsible for the death of the Messiah; but God chose Israel to be the Spiritual leaders to instruct and guide us to know and serve the One True Living God of this world.¬

It appears that modern day Israel also isn't able to grasp the concept of a ruling King and suffering servant Messiah. ¬ I understand why the Jews reject the Christian Messiah. ¬ The Jews know that the Promised Messiah is a blood relative of King David.¬ If they had computers and DNA testing back thousands of years ago, and you tested King David, his son, grandson and all others in his family tree, including Joseph, Mary and Jesus; in a court of law it could have been proved scientifically that Jesus is LITERALLY of the seed of David.¬ Not a step-child of Joseph (and therefore half human and not biologically related to King David through Joseph).¬

Recently I was writing to a Jewish Christian I know, and I stated that after the virgin birth that I believe that Joseph and Mary had a "Normal" marriage like other married couples (companionship, sex and children) and therefore she didn't stay a virgin her whole life, as is taught by some people.¬

I was surprised to hear that this Jewish Christian stated that the doctrine of the virgin birth was added to scripture at a time in history after all the apostles, their children and grandchildren are all dead and before the Protestant Reformation happened.¬ Paul stated that after his death that wolves would come in and not spare the flock.¬ I use to think that the Jews were being stubborn and rebellious for not accepting the Messiah Jesus Christ. But it turns out that the Christian dogma is what the Jews are rejecting.¬

Thirteen books in the New Testament are attributed to the Apostle Paul.¬ Paul was the theologian type and he never mentioned the virgin birth.¬ Luke was a physician and wouldn't be qualified to teach theology. ¬ Of all the miracles that Paul writes about, "you would think" that he would mention it as the greatest miracle of "motherhood" and just as exciting, dramatic and important as¬ the raising of the dead!!!¬ ¬ Not even Jesus mentioned a supposed virgin birth, or a "perpetual" virgin Mary.¬ His silence screams deception. ¬

Adam, Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Paul the Apostle, King David, Judas, Joseph, Mary, and you and¬ me have been deceived by self, Satan and others.¬ ¬ Promoting the virgin birth will get you a bad grade in a Logic 101 class, and reveal you are spiritually blind to the truth that Satan has lied to our Christian leaders throughout history.¬

The concept of a virgin¬ or non-virgin birth of the Promised Messiah¬ is conflicting and antithetical to each other. ¬ If you have a personal relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ, your opinion of the virgin / or non-virgin birth does not affect your salvation. ¬

May we be more concerned about knowing the TRUTH and less concerned about defending our religious traditions that make us feel insecure, and fearful if we question there validity:¬ And presuming we are sinning against God if we change our opinion on how the Messiah became human.¬

The bottom line is:

A Bible verse states that "anyone" who would add to, change, or delete any Scripture letter, word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, or book (s) of The Bible, will receive God's Judgment. 1 There is "nothing" in this world that is "perfect." Therefore the verses warning us not to change the Scripture is a useless and unnecessary warning if scripture can't be changed by human intervention.

When Satan implants error in Scripture; and now everyone reinforces that error simply because they read it in The "changed" Bible. They are naive and take for granted that God wouldn't allow error to happen. I am sceptically (not with God's Word) but with mans proclivity to "not" sin and to "not" disobey God and His word and then proclaim their own gospel message!!! Human beings got together and decided what Books will be Canonized in Scripture. And there is no evidence that "these Bible scholars" were "perfect" Christians or Jews and I know some of them had their own mind-altering agendas to accomplish.

I heard a story about a man who was walking in a park and he observed a man and a dog in the distance. He got within speaking range and ask the man if his dog bites; and the man said, no my dog doesn't bite. So the man reaches out to pet the dog and the dog severely bites him and causes him extreme pain and a severe injury. He then screams at the man and says, "I thought you said that your dog doesn't bite!" The stranger then says, "That is not my dog!" Presumption doesn't always kill, but it can hurt a little or a lot.

When you scream at me and say, "Why don't you believe "all" of God's Word". And I calmly and softly say, I believe all that "God" has written, but I refuse to believe the lies that sinful humans have added, deleted or changed in the Bible. God didn't stop Satan from changing God's "Spoken Word" in the garden of Eden; and He doesn't stop you and me from sinning against God. He surely didn't stop men from altering God's Word! Lucifer said to Adam and Eve, "You shall not surely die", Lucifer meant physically and God meant you will be spiritually dead after you sin. This truth applies to 21st Century humanity as well.

Many Protestants and Catholics continue to believe in a Savior that is half-human and half-God; and they can't justify that fact!!!

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Reference used:

  1. Revelation 22:19.
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Originally posted on 2010-NOV-27
Latest update on: 2011-APR-04
Written by Arthur Trafford, at:

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