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An essay donated by Arthur Stafford

Christians' varied interpretations of the Word of God

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Christians' varied interpretations of the word of God:

Many Christians embrace the idea that their denominational Bible is inerrant, infallible and is the “Perfect” Word of God. My assertion is that there is nothing perfect in this fallen, sinful world, especially language. Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Spanish and English etc. all communicate human but flawed thoughts. In Heaven, God and the angels speak to each other in a “Heavenly language”. Words spoken in Heaven have precise and exact meaning. Human words are “Ambiguous” (open to more than one interpretation) with multiple definitions.

When God speaks to us using human speech, He is simply sharing with us His “Baby talk” that we can partially understand. But we are not getting the “Full Counsel” of God, because we haven’t been made perfect (yet). You can talk to a group of Christians who state that their King James, Catholic, Jehovah Witness or Mormon Bible etc. is the inerrant, infallible Word of God. Non-Christians observe the contradictions that Christians teach and are confused at how illogical some of their beliefs are. The King James Bible has fewer “Word text” than the Catholic Bible; so did the Protestants delete some of God’s Word, or did the Catholics add to God’s Word? Other groups of Christians teach that they have a “New and improved” version of the Bible; “We have corrected the errors” that crept into the other Bibles (you can trust us), P.O.

Christians could’t agree on what writings should be canonized in the early Church and I assure you that Christian leaders in this 21st Century A.D. would find it impossible to agree on what books should be included in our Christian Bible. We can agree to disagree on Christian Theology; but no one knows Truth, like God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and His angels!!!

Christians should believe in and spread the message: About the Deity of Jesus Christ; His blood atonement for our sins; His resurrection from the dead and that He is coming back. Christians and other religious individuals should be painfully aware that we are mostly guessing at “What is Truth”! We all go to “Spiritual salad bars” and pick and choose what we perceive will add meaning to our lives; heal our broken hearts; and appropriate forgiveness of sins committed against others, self and God.

Is the Christian God the author of confusion! I find it easier to believe that Christians have embraced religious traditions handed down to them, and they have woven these ideas into the tapestry of God’s Word. Once error is in the Bible or our minds, Christians will then feel obligated to protect this new message and proclaim it to the ends of the earth. And for that matter, when we willfully disobey a Christian precept, we are symbolically tearing out those Bible verses that are written in our hearts. We omit acts that we should commit in our daily lives (that we claim to believe in); and we commit acts that we should omit and be ashamed of.

Do you realize that the virgin birth concept in Christianity was also taught in ancient pagan religions and by Greek philosophers, long before Jesus was born? Why is this birth concept so captivating for such a diverse groups of people. What would motivate individuals to embrace thoughts that would appear to be a concept of fiction, found in a book or Hollywood movie? Why and how would Christians transition from what Jesus and the Apostles taught, and believe differently in the 4th Century? Do you really think that people becoming Christian will disavow or renounce all their pagan religious beliefs when they commit their life to Jesus The Christ? Jesus is no longer on earth and all the Apostles, and their children and grandchildren are all dead. The former can’t reassure modern-day Christians by to believe that God doesn’t have the limitations that humans are plagued with. If someone tells him or her that Joseph is the biological father of Jesus; then they are devastated because they believe that Jesus will be a sinner (just like them) if He is the product of human sexual reproduction; and not worthy or perfect enough to be their Savior.

Throughout history humans have observed that every child born in whom God puts a “Created human spirit” has a sin nature (not even one exception). Jesus is not the exception, for Jesus doesn’t have a created spirit in Him; but God put His own Spirit in the body that Joseph and Mary gave Him. Jesus can be tempted just like us, but the Spirit of God gives Jesus the desire, the will and the strength to do only what is right.

You can see the pagan mindset alluded to in the phrase "And he (Joseph) knew her not, until Mary brought forth her first born child, Jesus." You do realize that my parents and your parents had sex hundreds of times before we were born. The pagans presupposed that the sex organ of Mary’s husband would somehow contaminate Jesus in the womb (a very pagan superstition). Think about it this way, Christians say the Spirit of God indwells their body (the temple of God). Christians sin against God, but we Christians can’t contaminate Gods Spirit in us. In the same way, the Spirit of God living in Jesus can’t be touched by human sin; simply because God won’t let sin contaminate Jesus in body or Spirit!!! In other words, there is no need to worry if Jesus is fathered by Joseph; this will make Jesus 100% human (like us), and not like the false Gods created in the hearts of men.

Do you realize that if all Christians were Jewish proselytes only and no gentiles came to Christ, there would be no virgin birth in the Christian Bible? No Jewish person is looking for a virgin Messiah!!! This is why few Jews embrace Christianity. Their (our) Jewish Messiah is a blood relative of the Davidic Covenant. Joseph and Mary are “both” genetically related to King David and all his descendants. If you gave a DNA test to Joseph and Mary you would find that they both are related to King David and they both are needed to fulfill the Promise of Gods Covenant with King David. But if Joseph isn’t the father of Jesus then Jesus is only HALF related to King David; and Jesus is only a 50% fulfillment of the David Covenant.

Christians are always saying that Jesus is human just like us (and He is). We will allow Jesus to work, eat, sleep, take a permanent vow of celibacy and maybe go to the bathroom L.O.L.; but we can’t imagine Him dating, getting married, having sex and children. Somehow being “Just like me” seems a very ludicrous analogy for Jesus and me. And remember, Jesus only has a family tree on Mary’s side (hers heritage goes back to Adam and Eve; but Jesus’ male side of the tree starts at His conception (if Joseph is His step-father).

Sarah being naïve and pretending that her being the “Step-mother” to Abraham's first child by Hagar is going to make that child “The child of Promise” was at worst a lie of Satan and at best a desperate and vain attempt to fulfill Gods Promise. Ishmael was a child of passion and Isaac is the “Child of Promise”. In the same way, if Joseph was the “Step-father” of Jesus; then Jesus would be prevented from completing or fulfilling the “Davidic Covenant.

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There are about 1 billion Catholics and 1 billion Protestants on planet earth; which means there are billions of Bibles in circulation since most Christians have more than one. In this 21st Century, neither Satan nor any humans have the opportunity or the power to destroy what Christians consider God's Word. If you go back to the 4th Century, the only individuals who had or could read the Christian Words of God are the religious leaders and their scribes. If a prominent pagan became a Christian and rose to ecclesiastical power and influence, there are no Apostles to challenge Him and his pagan superstitions in the 4th Century. Thus, he can hire the scribes who embrace his ideology. He can promote leaders and stack the committees to adopt his values when a vote comes up. Most early Christians converted from pagan worship. Thus, they already believed in the virgin birth; they were preaching to the choir). When leaning on human logic, everyone will agree that all children born of a human father become sinners. People completely ignore the fact that a human mother also gives her child a sin nature. Mary referred to Jesus as her Savior; only sinners need a Savior!!!

Christianity almost died in the 4th Century simply because fewer pagans were converting to Christianity. God has a message to proclaim about the Messiah, and He isn’t going to let human pagan trivia concerns derail the Gospel Message over faulty human reasoning. God loved the heathens so much that He overlooked their belief systems. This eliminated their stumbling blocks, so that they could more easily come to Christ. Jesus will correct their theology in Heaven. Christians who loved their loved ones and friends in the 4th Century were very happy that the people they know have their names written in the “Lambs book of Life”; later Jesus will introduce them to His earthly parents, Joseph and Mary. And they all will laugh at the notion that a virgin birth or Jesus staying single is needed in order for Jesus to remain holy, pure and righteous.

The human birth of Arthur Trafford and of every other human is just as miraculous as a virgin birth. Everything that God does is easy, for His miracles present no difficulties to Him. And a Christian salvation is sealed when a person puts their faith and trust in Gods Messiah, Jesus The Christ. There is no Bible verse that says “Believe on the virgin birth and thou shalt be saved”. There is no song that says “What can wash away my sins, nothing but the virgin birth”, “What can make me whole again, nothing but the virgin birth” L.O.L.

A “spiritual birth” is miraculous; and a virgin birth is unnecessary and makes Jesus unlike us. The virgin birth dogma keeps the modern-day Jews from accepting the Christian Jewish Messiah. God could have brought Jesus into this world “fully grown” just like Adam and Eve. But since God had already created the institution of marriage and the institution of the family, then it is logical that Jesus should be born just like us.

The following verse applies to a person getting married: "Flee from youthful lust and pursue righteous, faith, love and peace; with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart." The time we are single is to prove to a future mate that we have self-control. Celibacy is a stage to experience and not a destination of misery to embrace or desire. From age 18 through age 29 Jesus had every right to get married (and be like us). If Jesus married, His marriage bed would be “undefiled” because even the Apostles all agreed that they could “take a wife” and still be righteous.

Every male and female (including Jesus) is motivated by God to marry. God created sexual pleasure and Jesus would be a perfect example of how to be a better child-of-God, mate, and parent if He was married. Some Christian leaders are encouraged to stay single because the Church would have to pay them 2 to 3 times more money if they had a mate and three or four children. If they take a vow of poverty, they won’t even ask for a pay-raise. Piety (self-righteous) getting married to celibacy (moral purity) is a very unholy marriage; simply because “There is none righteous, no not one”. The best way to resist sexual temptation and flee youthful lust is to GET MARRIED. What is unique about marriage is that a person is experiencing the same sexual pleasure in marriage that they felt while single (but without the guilt, regrets or shame) AMEN TO THAT!!!

Even if Christians had a perfect translation of God’s Word in their language, we still wouldn’t have a perfect understanding of its meaning, and we certainly wouldn’t have a perfect desire to do God’s Will. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and instruction in righteousness” (This doesn’t apply to what has been deleted, added or changed in the Bible!!!) God uses English to communicate with me, but His Holy Spirit is a better guide to lead me to Truth, for human words, human wisdom, and human intellect are so distracting even when God communicates to us in the language we know; for sin has permeated the whole universe, so we continually find ourselves asking “What is Truth”?

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Originally written: 2012-APR
Latest update: 2012-AUG-21
Author: Arthur Trafford

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