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Being transgenderism, being transsexual.
Gender dysphoria, & gender identity

Links to other Internet web sites

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Transgender/transsexual web sites:

Many of the following are non-profit groups, understaffed, overworked and in need of funds. As you surf their websites, please consider making a funding contribution to those that ask.

bullet American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc. (AEGIS) is a "...nonprofit clearinghouse for information about transgender and transsexual issues." They have a number of publications: the journal Chrysalis: The Journal of Transgressive Gender Identities; AEGIS News (a membership newsletter), The Transgender Treatment Bulletin, etc. They have a number of advisories on Transsexual medical concerns. AEGIS is now part of GEA. See:
bullet The Center for Gender Sanity describes its function as: "A refuge from male/female dichotomies, sex-based stereotypes, and other gender madness..." They have a consulting service for transsexuals in the workplace. They have many information sheets on their web site, including a list of links of potential interest to transsexuals in the workplace and their employers. See:
bullet The Colorado Gold Rush is an annual conference sponsored by the Gender Identity Center of Colorado since 1998. It is typically three days long and is held in February or March. They feature speakers and workshops. See:
bullet Lynn Conway has created a "... major informational and support site for transgender and transsexual people. The site now reflects years of field work and empirical research, and intensive efforts at framing and writing up the resulting observations regarding this previously almost invisible, highly stigmatized minority about which many superstitions still prevail. She is a electrical engineering professor at the University of Michigan. See: Her personal story is moving and remarkable. See:

DateHookup, an online dating service, has an FAQ essay on transsexual hormone therapy at:


The FTM Information Network is a personal web site based on a FTM transgender person's personal experiences. It has items of interest to transsexuals extracted from the media, links to other web sites, an e-mail list, etc. See:

bullet FTM International serves the Female-to-Male transsexual community. They have sponsored over 1,650 information and networking meetings worldwide. They distribute the FTMInternational Newsletter, the FTMI Yellow Pages Resource Directory, and an educational CD on FTM transition. See:
bullet The FTM Resource Guide provides "information on topics of interest to female-to-male (FTM, F2M) trans men, and their friends and loved ones." See:
bullet The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network "... strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression." They have over 4,000 gay-straight alliances (GSAs) and about 40 full time staff. See:
bullet The Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) has represented transgender people since the early 1980s. GLAD launched a Transgender Rights Project in 2008. See:
bullet Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA) is "a national organization focused on the needs, issues and concerns of gender variant people in human society." See:
bullet GenderTalk was "the leading talk radio program on all issues of gender" for a decade before its last broadcast in 2006. They have over 400 programs archived online. See:

GLAAD publishes a Transgender Glossary of Terms at: as a guide for journalists and others writing about transgender topics.

bullet The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) advocates freedom of gender expression. They promote understanding and acceptance of all people whether they identify themselves as Transgender, Transsexual, Crossdresser, Agender, Gender Queer, Intersex, Two Spirit, Hijra, Kathoey, Drag King, Drag Queen, Queer, Lesbian, Gay, Straight, Butch, Femme, Faerie, Homosexual, Bisexual, or Heterosexual. They supply information on events, post stories from site visitors, grant awards, have a bookstore, sponsor conferences, etc. See:
bullet The International Journal of Transgenderism is a quarterly journal that "... provides an intellectual forum that stimulates new ways of thinking and understanding various aspects of being transgender." See
bullet The National Center for Lesbian Rights has many articles on transgender. See and do a search for transgender.
bullet The National Center for Transgender Equality is "dedicated to advancing the equality of transgender people through advocacy, collaboration and empowernment." See:
bullet The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has a section on transgender at: They have a publication directed to LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender) organizations to help make them fully transgender-inclusive. See:
bullet Ohio University publishes a Guide for LGBTQ youth directed at foster parents, counselors and social workers. See:
bullet Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) has a section offering support for transgender people and their families. They have a list of other transgender support groups. See:
bullet The Renaissance Transgender Association has as its mission the provision of "... the very best comprehensive education and caring support to transgender individuals and those close to them." They are centered in Pennsylvania and have chapters in PA and in three other states. See:
bullet Sara's World - transgender life is a personal website by Sara, a transgender woman in Luxenbourg. Her website's goals are to disseminate information and to reduce discrimination. Most of her website is in French. See:
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bullet The Southern Comfort Conference is the largest transgender conference in North America. It is held annually in late September and/or early October. It features seminars, vendors, authors, entertainers and leaders from the entire spectrum of the transgender community. Invited are transsexuals, cross dressers, spouses, family members, etc. See:
bullet The Straight Spouse Network (SSN) "... is an international organization that provides personal, confidential support and information to heterosexual spouses/partners, current or former, of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender mates and mixed-orientation couples for constructively resolving coming-out problems." See:
bullet TG Forum Today is a forum specializing in transgender and transsexual topics. See: They publish a "Week in Transgenderism" report at:
bullet The Transgender Boards is a free and open transgender community discussion forum. See:
bullet The Transgender Law and Policy Institute is ".. dedicated to engaging in effective advocacy for transgender people in our society." They list legislative and other news items. See:

bullet The Transgender Law Center (TLC) "... is a civil rights organization advocating for transgender communities" in California. See:
bullet The Transgender Support Site may have been the first site devoted to transgender topics, having been founded by Melanie Anne in 1994 when there were only a very few thousand web sites on the Internet. (The WWW now consists of almost 200 million sites.) Her site describes lessons on developing a truly female voice, a 1,200 page transition diary, a sex change handbook, and lots of other material. See:
bullet The Transgender Workplace Diversity Network welcomes "... HR managers, diversity professionals, lawyers, transgender employees and allies, and anyone else who would like resources on these issues." See: They have a blog, forum and notes concerning transsexuality.
bullet The Trans-Man supplies "Q&A support for trans men." See:
bullet Transsexual Road Map has over 1,600 essays on transsexualism! They try to help transsexuals "... making informed purchasing decisions and setting realistic, achievable transition goals." See:
bullet Transsexual Women's Resources lists medical and other resources for transsexual women at: 
bullet TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA) supports transgender youth and their families of origin. See:
bullet Wikipedia, "The free encyclopedia," has large information sections on Transgender at: and on Transsexualism at:
bullet The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) " a professional organization devoted to the understanding and treatment of Gender Dysphoria." They sponsor biennial symposia and publish recommended Standards of Care for transsexuals. See:

Additional links:

We welcome information on links that we have not included above. We provide these listings as a public service at no charge.

References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. Rama Kant Mishra, "Research reveals biological basis of Trans-sexuality," Grond Report, 2008-OCT-27, at:
  2. "Transsexual gene link identified," BBC News, 2008-OCT-26, at:
  3. "Genetics linked to transsexuality: study,"
  4. "The traits of transsexuality," BBC News, 2000-JUL-07, at:

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Original posting: 2009-JAN-04
Most recent update: 2020-JUN-29
Author: B.A. Robinson

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