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Sin and salvation


The unforgivable sin (a.k.a.
"eternal" or "unpardonable" sin)

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Three passages in the Christian Scriptures discuss a certain class of sin. A literal interpretation of these gospel verses implies that if a person commits one of these sins, God will -- and perhaps can -- never forgive her/him. Thus:

bullet If an unsaved person committed this sin, the texts seem to imply that she/he could never attain salvation.
bullet If a saved person committed this sin, the texts seem to imply that their existing salvation would be terminated and could never be reestablished in the future.

The Bible appears to state in numerous locations that without salvation, once a person dies, they will spend eternity in the torture chambers of Hell without any hope for relief or mercy. Thus, these three passages are more than passing interest to those who believe that the Bible is God's word and is inerrant.

From discussions that we have had with Christians from a variety of denominations, they hold very diverse views on the precise nature of the unpardonable sin. Most of them are confident that theirs is the only valid interpretation.

Topics included in this section:


Bible passages about salvation & the allegedly "unforgivable" sin>

bullet Panic caused by belief in the existence of the unforgivable sin
bulletWhat exactly is the unforgivable sin? three dozen interpretations, all different:
bullet # 1 to 12

bullet # 13 to 24

bullet # 25 to 38
bullet Wrap-up:
bullet Does the unpardonable sin really exist? Is it truly permanent?

bullet Our interpretation. Narrowing the definition. Various beliefs

bulletAn essay donated by a visitor to this site: Prophetess Glynis Bethel:

Fornication and adultery are unforgivable and unpardonable sins for a Christian

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Posted: 2006-OCT-25
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Author: B.A. Robinson
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