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"Falun Dafa for Christians" by Loren Veltkamp

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Falun Dafa is perfect for Christians and hereís why:

bullet The Falun, which they call a "law wheel", or "a miniature galaxy of spiraling energy from God", corresponds directly to the western idea of a living holy spirit presence within you.
bullet The Falun is given by a qualified spiritual teacher to a qualified student just as Christ gave "the spirit" it his disciples on Pentecost.
bullet The Falun provides power for disciples just like the Holy Spirit does for Christians
bullet The Falun provides healing for practitioners just like the Western concept of the Holy Spirit does
bullet The Falun provides supernormal abilities just like the Holy Spirit provides "Gifts of the Spirit" to Christians.
bullet The Falun especially provides something known as Buddha fruit, which is identical to the Fruits of the Spirit that Christians treasure: namely love joy, peace, patience, etc..
bullet There is nothing that the Falun does not provide that the Holy Spirit does, and there is nothing that the Falun does provide that the Holy Spirit does not. They are identical except for some minor cultural difference and ,of course, their very different names.

Assuming the Bible verse is correct that states: "By their fruits ye shall know them" It looks like Christians have some unlikely friends from Asia! This is very unexpected! How could Taoism -a naturalist religion, and Buddhism - an enlightenment philosophy, possibly combine in the 21st century to produce a moving meditation so naturally aligned with 1st century Christianity? How, in Godís name could this be possible?

Well, if the Bible is correct in asserting that:

bullet The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.
bullet The Holy spirit is available to all Godís people,
bullet The Tao is just another name for the Holy Spirit.
bullet Asians are Godís people just like Jews and Europeans, Blacks, and other cultures.
bullet Asian mystics have studied nature, spirituality, mysticism, surrendered and prayed to God for truth, etc.

Then it does seem possible that they could produce a valid enlightenment system based on the Holy Spirit that is actually helping millions to get closer to God and live a holy life, leading to real enlightenment.

I have read both Falun Dafa books now and practiced with the VCD. I am quite frankly amazed at the depth and profundity of the teaching . Based on my 20+ years of private Christian Education, and my minister fatherís insights , I think Falun Dafa is not only thoroughly Christian, I also think Christians should practice it as a way to get more of the Holy Spirit and to gain more enlightenment. We have too much theology and ritual in Christendom and not enough enlightenment and supernatural power . Falun Dafa could be just what we need to lift us a little higher.

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Originally posted: 2007-SEP-08
Latest update: 2007-SEP-08
Author: Loren Veltkamp

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