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Essays donated by visitors to this web site

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Important notes:

bullet This section of our web site contains an eclectic mix of essays written and donated by our visitors.

Almost all of the essays elsewhere on this web site attempt to portray all points of view on a given topic. We also try to avoid criticizing the religious beliefs of any group, except when it obviously hurts other people. The essays below often deviate from the standards that we use. Quite often, they will express a single opinion and reject all other interpretations of the Torah, Christian Scriptures, Qur'an, etc. as being in error and without merit. Read them with care.

If you are distressed at the contents of any of these essays, we invite you to write a rebuttal and submit it to us. We will seriously consider adding it to this section.

bullet Email an essay that you wish to donate here for review.

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These essays do not necessarily represent the beliefs of any or all of the staff of the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. In fact, since we are a multi-faith group, it is quite likely that the beliefs expressed in these essays will differ from at least some of our staff's opinions.

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Criteria for rejecting essays:

We reserve the right to reject any entries for a range of reasons, including:

bullet Essays that we feel exhibit hatred or proposes discrimination against others on the basis of their gender, race, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, etc.
bullet Essays whose primary goal is to attack individuals or groups.
bullet Essays which attack religious beliefs of other faith groups. However, we will generally accept essays that:
bullet Compare beliefs of two or more religions, or

bullet Compare the beliefs of one faith group with scientific findings, or

bullet Compare and contrast beliefs within a single religion.
bullet We prefer essays between 75 and 150 lines in length.

We have also decided to not publish essays which:

bullet Advocate corporal punishment of children. This is because of many long term studies involving tens of thousands of individuals from childhood to their 20's. They show that rates of clinical depression, alcohol addiction, drug addiction and anxiety attacks in adulthood increase with the frequency of spanking. We don't want to be even partly responsible for the suffering that an essay advocating spanking would probably generate.
bullet Promote conspiracy theories or doomsday scenarios. The level of fear circulating in North America is highly destabilizing. We don't want to add to people's stress levels.

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Essays written by our web site visitors:


Rules and suggestions about donating essays


Abortion access:
bullet Anon: "Pro-choice means giving the woman choice"
bullet Anon: "The dangers of forcing a teen to have an abortion"
bullet Stanford Aranoff: "The beginning of a person"
bullet "C.B.: "The rights of the pregnant woman vs. the the rights of her pre-embryo, embryo or fetus"
bullet Stephanie Chen: "Defining personhood"
bullet Peter Faulknor: "Searching for an ethical position in the abortion debate"
bullet Marliz Olmos-Armas: "The personal experiences of a woman who obtained an abortion"
bullet Marliz Olmos-Armas: "Nine reasons in favor of retaining abortion access"
bullet "Peggy:" "Finding God's love in an abortion clinic"
bullet Leslie Rummell: "Voice of the unborn child."
bullet Laurie Snyder: "A child never born."
bullet Don Staddon: "Abortion kills children: Truth or deception?"
bullet Chuck Thompson "Abortion equals assassination"

Arthur R. Trafford: "The 'pro-baby' movement"


Various: Poems by pro-life poets: Leslie M. Willson, James O'Brien, & 'KLogger1'.


Various: More poems by: Lee Caress, Eleni Phufas, & Loranda Arosemena.

bullet Abortions: Reducing the number:

bullet Angie Pratt: "How to reduce the number of abortions"
bullet "Northstar: "How to reduce the number of abortions; a response
bullet Charles Sabillon: "Reducing abortions via technology"
bullet See also our menu on this topic.
bullet Abuse -- spiritual and sexual:
bullet "Alice:" "A woman's personal experience"
bullet "Michael:" "The beast is silent"
bullet Afterlife:
bullet Zicon: "Is there an afterlife?"
bullet Cary Cook: " 'After Pascal:' thoughts on an afterlife"
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Heaven, Hell and Purgatory"
bullet Agnosticism and Atheism:
bullet Ben & Eric: "An Atheist and a Christian have a theological discussion"
bullet Vincent Bugliosi: "Why Do I Doubt Both the Atheists and the Theists?"
bullet E.C. Huddleston: Astute Brutes: Putting More Muscle in Strong Atheism

Susan Humphreys:

bullet "Ken": "'Answering The New Atheism,' by Scott Hahn & Benjamin Wiker: A Refutation"
bullet R.W. Mettetal: "On the tolerance of Christians towards Atheists, and vice-versa"
bullet Nathan Parker: "Improving relationships between Theists and Atheists
bullet Alan Rogers: ""How to be a tolerant Atheist"
bullet Nick Tolk: "Deicide As A Path To Personal Growth: Reflections on Atheistic Religions"
bullet Benjamin Wiker: "An attack on the 'New Atheism' by comparing the activities of Yahweh with Evolution's 'god' "

bullet Art:
bullet Kitt Cherry: "New Website Dares to Show Gay Jesus"
bullet Kitt Cherry: "Censored Christ Mother appears at last"
bullet Behavior, personal and spiritual:

Contributing Editor, Susan Humphreys:

bullet Walter Kirchbauer: "Twelve criteria to measure one's perfect submission"
bullet Rabbi A.S. Maller: "The Religious Value Of Celebrating a New Year"
bullet Beliefs:
bullet Ben & Eric: "An Atheist and a Christian have a theological discussion"
bullet "Chesed and Gevurah:" "Letter to my deacon: Why mercy is better"
bullet Nick Coghlan: "Which matters more to you: being right or staying friends?" Peaceful coexistence with persons having other beliefs
bullet Susan Gilmore: "Personal freedom as a result of abandoning organized religion"

Susan Humphries:

bullet Michael Gryboski: "The nature of Christian Fundamentalism"
bullet Corey Harvard: "Is Fundamentalism a sound system of belief?"
bullet Diane Holder: "Follow your beliefs, in love, without fear"

Larry Langston:

bullet Anita Pathik Law: "Believe it and you will see it!
bullet Ron and Karen Schwartz: "What is truth: Handling diversity of beliefs in Christianity"

bullet The Bible:
bullet D.L. Henderson: "The greatest myth ever told"

Susan Humphreys:


Rabbi A.S. Maller:


R. C. Symes, concerning myths in the Bible:


Alton C. Thompson: "Narcissism and the Bible"


Dawn Wessel: "The Synonymy of the Parables: Connecting the Dots to Reveal the Bible’s Cryptic Voice"

bullet Bullying:

Susan Humphreys: "Words hurt"

bullet Carlos Casteneda's writing on the teachings of Don Juan:
bullet Susan Humphreys describes lessons she has learned

bullet Change (Producing change in your life):
bullet John Edward: "Five ways to create and manifest positive change"
bullet Sagaren Pillay: "How to conquer fear and Be happy, healthy and rich"

bullet Christianity: (See "Religion" below for additional essays)
bullet Anon: "A personal story of religious conversion from Agnosticism to Bible-believing Christianity"
Anon: "Practicing a simpler Christianity: less belief, more experience and practice"
Anon: "Does progress depend on accepting Jesus Christ or rejecting the Bible?"
bullet Tony Bisson:
bullet "The larger truths about God and the spirit world"
bullet "Seeking knowledge of humanity's future life"
bullet Tony Crosthwaite: "Jesus versus Two Religious Establishments: From Jew to Gentile"
bullet Tom Drake-Brockman:
bullet "Spiritual Humanism & the meaning of life: Jesus, the Buddha, suffering & service to others"
bullet "Happy Krishmas: Jesus, the Buddha, and reincarnation"
bullet Stephen Fretwell: "What is true Christianity?"
bullet Clyde Glandon: "Contemporary Anglican Episcopal Perspectives"
bullet James Gray:
bullet "The Bible's Obsolescence"
bullet "The Love Command: Further Thoughts"
bullet "Why I am not a Christian"
bullet Susan Humphreys:
bullet "Christmas: What is the 'reason for the Season'?"
bullet "Goals and Objectives: Some words of advice for the new Pope"
bullet "Will Pope Francis I hinder, harm or help the world?"
bullet "Confused by the Confusion" over Pope Francis & Roman Catholicism. The author's personal opinion"
bullet "Initial Suppositions, Uncomfortable Truths and the Bible"
bullet "Debate in the Roman Catholic Church concerning the Pope's 2016 teaching Amoris laetitia: "The Joy of Love:"
bullet Akili Kumasi: "The Martha Syndrome and the Mary Solution"
bullet Kathy LaPan: "Why Christianity is exclusive: the only true religion."
bullet "Linda": "Reading the Bible."
bullet Jim Persinger: "Were Adam and Eve the first humans?"
bullet Shannon Richey: "A critique of the Word of Faith (a.k.a. Prosperity Gospel, and "Name it & claim it") belief systems"
bullet Paul Schroeder: "An unbelievable gift of an vision experience"
bullet Alton C. Thompson:
bullet Christianity: 'Fix it or forget it

Why did Christianity never take in our society?


"Wildwood" Churches: Comforting the afflicted or afflicting the comfortable?


“Killing Him Won’t Be the End of Him”

bullet Arthur Trafford:
bullet Christians’ varied interpretations of the Word of God
bullet There were no denominations in 1st Century Christianity

bullet Climate change: See Environment
bullet Conflict: America's Great Divide. Who will have a seat at the political table? Will there be any room at the Inn? by Susan Humphreys
bullet Creation science vs. evolution: See Origins

bullet Culture

Essays donated by Susan Humphreys:

bullet Diversity, religious:
bullet Brandon Arkell: "Interfaith reconciliation as viewed by the Universal Life Church Monastery"
bullet Charri Everson: "About religion"
bullet Jeann Forsberg: "Understanding Christians of a different tradition"
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Seeking the truth, I found many truths"
bullet Grace Li: "Different people, different paths to 'God' "
bullet William R. Stimson: "Is religion the problem?"
bullet "M.T.:" "Ten ridiculed religions"
bullet K. Turner: "Accepting religious diversity."
bullet Easter
bullet Alton C. Thompson: Easter: What “It’s All About”?
bullet Alton C. Thompson: "A Heretic’s View of Easter, interpreted as personal transformation"
bullet Education
bullet Anon: "The value -- or lack of value -- of higher education"
bullet Andrew Flaxman: "How to Educate Yourself in Liberal Arts"
bullet End of the world as we know it (EOTWAWKI):
bullet Susan Humphreys: Some questions about the rapture end times theology
bullet Joseph R. Jochmans: Hell, Heaven or Hype? - Six facts about what will really happen in 2012
bullet A.S. Maller: Lessons From Yet Another 'No Show' Doomsday: A Jewish view

Alton C. Thompson: Avoiding human exinction by radical social change. Was Martin Luther Kings Jr.'s dream the wrong one?

bullet Aerik Vondenburg: The 2011-MAY-21 apocalypse and a case for preterism"

bullet Environment:
bullet Harry G. Morris: The Conundrum: Having "... dominion over ... all the earth.
bullet Alton C. Thompson: Appreciating nature, and the negative effects of our isolation from it.
bullet Dave Wilson: Homo sapiens’s potential fatal flaw
bullet See also a series of articles by Vladimir Tomek on the environment
bullet Ethics: See Morality
bullet Evolution: See Origins
bullet Family & marriage:
bullet Anon: "The marriage passbook."
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Is opposing same-sex marriage not hate?"

Rabbi Allen S. Maller:

bullet Jason Miller: "Freedom Fettered by Fear"
bullet Lal Mohd: "Marriage and divorce in Islam"
bullet Patrick Nailon: "In favor of marriage for all"
bullet John Nash: "On Mormons and the equality of women"
bullet "Wired:" "About spanking"
bullet Free will
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Free will and the nature of God"
bullet Mahlon Wickey: "Does God interfere with man's will?"
bullet Freedom and rights, religious:

Essays by Susan Humphreys:

bullet Global warming: See Environment
bullet God and Satan:
bullet Anon: "Is God good?"
bullet Anon: "Should the Ten Commandments be posted in schools?"
bullet Jim Ashby: "God is flawed."
bullet Alan Auckenthaler: "Pilgrim in an ambiguous world, working towards an understanding of God."
bullet T.C. Bakel, "God/Satan/Vanity/Prejudice/Ignorance"
bullet Cary Cook: "Should 'under God' be in or out of the Pledge of Allegiance?"
bullet Allen Earle: "The God in your head is real"
bullet Keith Gilmour: "Sympathy for the Almighty: It's not easy being God"
bullet Sherwood Goozee: " 'IZ Sense:' revisualizing God"
bullet James B. Gray: "A post-season meditation: Is God our cosmic bellhop or our king?"

Susan Humphreys:

bullet Robert Kaiser: "Is blind faith immoral? On faith vs. reason"
bullet John Kyff: "One nation under God"
bullet Prem Kamble: "God and religion: A new look"
bullet Larry Langston: "What God is not"
bullet Kate Lenhardt: "An argument for Satan"
bullet Arthur Levine:
bullet "Where To Go Next To Find God"
bullet "Chasing Jesus"
bullet Rabbi Allen S. Maller:
bullet "Changing God's mind"
bullet "Religious pluralism is God's will"
bullet "The prophetic vision of religious pluralism From Micah to Muhammad"
bullet "Choosing to be chosen: Multiple relationships between God and the nations"
bullet Minsky: "Is God moral? A serious response to a serious question"
bullet Mushtaq: "God, Satan, his messengers and human response"
bullet Hellen Nanney: "Who made God"
bullet Darrel Ray: "There are no monotheistic religions; Educating monotheists"
bullet Nelson Rose: "The G Word: A Deist's concept of the creator"
bullet Alan Rogers:
bullet "Theodicy: A parable"
bullet "How to be a tolerant Atheist"
bullet "On Neo-Deism"
bullet Alton Thompson: "Some “heretical” comments on the Holy Spirit"
bullet Nick Tolk: "Deicide As A Path To Personal Growth: Reflections on Atheistic Religions"
bullet Geoff Wright: "Armchair Archeology" Satan as the cause of the Tunguska event.

bullet Hell, Hades & Gehanna:
bullet Carol Border: "The debate and issues related to Hell"
bullet Alan J: "My journey to Hell"
bullet Mathew James: "Is Hell an eternal damnation, or are there three woes?"
bullet Mahlon Wickey: "Gehenna hell-fire"

bullet Homosexuality/Lesbians/Gays: (See also same-sex marriages)
bullet Alysha: "The pulpit and downstairs:" a poem.
bullet Anonymous: "An emotional, personal, real-life letter to Christian fundamentalists."
bullet Anon: "One woman's experience with homosexuality and acceptance of diversity."
bullet Anon: "Theological Determinism and Homosexuality"
bullet Anon: "Jehovah's Witnesses, same-sex marriage & homosexuality"

Anthony Ashford: "Six biblical reasons why Christians should accept same-sex relationships." Menu

bullet Tricia B: "The Baha'i faith and homosexuality"
bullet Kitt Cherry: "New website dares to show gay Jesus"
bullet Robert Flatt: "Homosexuality: sin? shame? cause? A conservative Christian viewpoint"
bullet Helen Herndon, "How Can a Heterophobic Call Me Homophobic and Heterosexist?"

Susan Humphreys:

bullet Dr. Marty Klein, "Poor reason to support gay rights: "My son is gay"
bullet Lindy Madsen: "A tainted idea of love: The personal struggle between identity and religion"
bullet Angel Mason: "CNN newscaster Don Lemon: Young, gifted, black, gay and handsome"
bullet Angel Mason: "Response of the black Christian community to California law SB 48"
bullet Gary Miles: "A cure for homophobia."
bullet Natalie Parkerson: "Sexism & homophobia within Christianity"
bullet Derek S.: "A Biblical Defense of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & transgender (GLBT) Persons."
bullet Randi Schimnosky: "The ex-gay industry is fostering social rejection of persons with same sex attractions."
bullet "RHC": "Ethical aspects of photos of GLBT persons & couples"
bullet Arthur Trafford: "An exchange of personal beliefs between, a visitor to this web site, and the site's webmaster"
bullet See also same-sex marriage
bullet Humanism:
bullet Michael McMillen" "Designed Humanism"

bullet Inspiring story:
bullet Anon" "The impact of one teacher on many students"

bullet Inter-faith:
bullet Anon: "The Christ Fasters and the fast of Ramadan"
bullet Ben & Eric: "An Atheist and a Christian have a theological discussion"
bullet Sadia Carone: "Our Muslim cousins"

Susan Humphreys:

bullet Intolerance, religious:
bullet Yaqoob K. Bangash: "Man-made Earthquake in Sangla Hill" in Punjab province, Pakistan.
bullet Abe Ata: "The Palestinian Christian: betrayed, persecuted, sacrificed"
bullet Tina Heron: "You can't be disabled & Christian, unless you surrender to Discrimination & Victimization"
bullet Nahid Sewell: "The Ruby Tear Catcher, an Iranian Woman’s Story of Intolerance"
bullet Laura E. Shulman: Religious Intolerance Causes and Solutions. Some observations.
bullet Dave Wilson: "Religious intolerance as a symptom, rather than a cause of conflicts, mass murder, genocide, etc."
bullet Islam:
bullet Hijab Al Faisal: "Islam -- A true religion of peace, tranquility & intellect: a moderate Islamic interpretation
bullet Cathy Stripe Lester: "The community center/mosque near 9/11"

Rabbi Allen S. Maller:


Jocelyn Sophia:

bullet Jesus:
bullet Alfonso Baeza-Parra: "Solving some of the enigmas about the resurrection of Jesus Christ"
bullet Jose Davis: "What's up Jesus?" a conservative Christian interpretation of the resurrection of Jesus
bullet Dipak Dholakia: "My own Jesus"

Tom Drake-Brockman: "Happy Krishmas: Jesus, the Buddha, and reincarnation"

bullet James Gray: "Why is our 'Christian' society anti-Jesuan?"
bullet Henry Hasse: "Scandal - Justice - Faith: one person's personal beliefs"
bullet Allan Janssen:
bullet "Jesus, the Gospel of Thomas and knowledge"
bullet "The message of Jesus: the message of Christ"
bullet Larry Langston: "A Single Statement that Changed the World"
bullet Arthur Levine: "Chasing Jesus"
bullet Ben Lomond:
bullet "Jesus of Nazareth -- God's delegated agent to the world"
bullet "How early Pagan Greek fathers hijacked Jesus of Nazareth"
bullet Rabbi Allen S. Maller:
bullet "Muslim and Jewish Views of Jesus as 'Son of God'""
bullet "How Muslims and Jews view Jesus" Part 1 Part 2"
bullet ""Islamophobia and Banu Israel (The Children of Israel) in the Qur'an:" Part 1 Part 2
bullet George Mercurio: On the Existence of Jesus Christ
bullet John S. Morgan: "An outline & review of Bart Ehrman's book: "Misquoting Jesus"
bullet Jeffrey Small: "Was Jesus influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism?"
bullet R.C. Symes:
bullet ""The resurrection myths about Jesus;" a progressive Christian interpretation"
bullet "Jesus Myth Theory" (a.k.a. Christ Myth Theory, JMT, CMT)
bullet Arthur Trafford: Essays about Jesus and the virgin birth
bullet Daniel Unterbrink: "About Jesus the Galilean"
bullet "Reni:" "Jesus as a Pagan deity"

bullet Judaism:

Essays by Rabbi Allen S. Maller:

bullet Latter-day Saints (The Mormons)
bullet Jose Davis: "Is Mormonism a Christian denomination?"
bullet Samuel Klein: Why the LDS Church is not a cult?
bullet John Nash: "On Mormons and the equality of women"
bullet LGBT matters: See homosexuality

bullet Liberty, religious: See Freedom, religious

bullet Life and death matters:
bullet Vincent Bemowski: "Roman Catholic support for the death penalty"
bullet Carol Border: "The debate and issues related to Hell"
bullet David Estill: "Canadian legislation and euthanasia: Can society tell us how to die?"
bullet Daniel Hong: "Two deaths and one religion"
bullet Dave Jarvis: "Truth, damn lies and execution"
bullet Minda Payton: "Reasons I am against the death penalty"
bullet Harjog Singh: "Is death to be feared?"
bullet Jesse Whitson: "An abolitionist's view of the death penalty"
bullet Sloan Zimmerman: "Euthanasia: The Right Choice for Some"
bullet Love, social justice and caring:
bullet Tom Drake-Brockman: "Spiritual Humanism & the meaning of life: Jesus, the Buddha, suffering & service to others"
bullet Gabriel Gherasim "Victims of Communism, why should Americans care?"
bullet J.K. Gregory "Achieving a more equitable balance between service & exploitation of humanity & resources."
bullet J.K. Gregory "Issues of the economy and the quality of life."

Susan Humphreys:

bullet P.M. "A plea for cooperation."
bullet Terry Neal "The Kingdom of Love"
bullet Cheryl Petersen "Fighting the New War for Interrelated Discovery."

Alton Thompson"

bullet Jim Wallis, "What is 'Biblical Politics'."
bullet The media:
bullet Jason Miller: "Liberating the 'Liberal Media' "
bullet The meaning of life:
bullet Tom Drake-Brockman: "Spiritual Humanism & the meaning of life: Jesus, the Buddha, suffering & service to others
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Two Books, and The Meaning of Life"
bullet Robert Mount: "My Pursuit of Truth"

Susan Humphreys: "Science's Achilles Heel: Is it really unable to explain why stuff matters?"

bullet Miracles:
bullet Michael Baribeau, "What a miracle lookes like."
bullet Gil Gaudia, "About intercessory prayer: The scientific study of miracles."
bullet Arthur Trafford: "Miracles: degree of difficulty. A conservative Protestant point of view with some novel twists."
bullet Morality:
bullet Adrian Bishop: "The Moral Compass Project"
bullet Curt Leavitt: "Evolution of moral law - from faith-based to evidence-based"

Susan Humphreys:

bullet Minsky: "Is God moral? A serious response to a serious question
bullet Alton C. Thompson: "Digging the Duggars," from the TV program "19 kids and counting"
bullet Dave Wilson: Values and importance: the place of relativity
bullet Mysticism:
bullet Dominic Daley, et. al., "The inner nature of God's Kingdom"
bullet Myths and parables:
bullet Harry J. Bentham, "Parables involving the Theft of Knowledge"  

Susan Humphreys,

bullet Alton C. Thompson, "Is enlightenment all that we need, or is there a continuing role for myths?"
bullet Origins of the universe, the world, the history of humanity and religion:
bullet Alfred & Suzanne: "A brief synopsis of the origins of mankind"
bullet Monte Benson: Excerpt from the book: "The World Peace Prophecies The Unification of Science, Religion, and Humanity"
bullet Harry J. Bentham: "Parables involving the Theft of Knowledge"
bullet John Burritt: "The universe, evolution and religion"
bullet Sharlene Dodds: An imaginative essay concerning the evolution of species
bullet Sue Haskell: "The harmony of Genesis' creationism and science"
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Why has God / The All / The Source left us uninformed about what life is all about?"
bullet Allan Janssen: "The origins of religion and the afterlife"
bullet Kyle Jorstad: "Religion & Science: The Evolution Controversy " Part 1 Part 2
bullet Susan Kay: "Remarkable findings of historian Alan Gripton"
bullet Allen S. Maller: "The evolution of human spirituality"
bullet Freya Moon: "Evolution: creationism and the human soul"
bullet Jim Persinger: "Old Earth or Young Earth?"
bullet Zvi Shkedi: "Torah and Science - facts, theories and fiction."
bullet Les Sherlock: "What do creationists believe?"
bullet Paul Shivers: "The origin of the universe"
bullet Donald Stark:
bullet "Richard Dawkins, Witness to Eden"
bullet "God vs Stephen Hawking's Unbound Theory"
bullet "Weinberg vs. a designed universe"  

Alton Thompson:


David Wilson:


David Wilson:

bullet Peace:
bullet Ken Dugan: Proposal for a World Peace day

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bullet Philosophy:
bullet Jonathan Henderson: "Igitur Vita (For this reason, life)"
bullet Rudolf Svidran: "I think, therefore I am ... incomplete
bullet Warren Smith: "My New Age Philosophy
bullet Poetry:
bullet Bob Allen: "Am I less than human?"
bullet Poetry by Michael Levy
bullet Lambros Lambrou: "Please God, Help My God." A poem to inspire a World Faith Day.
bullet Poems by Rabbi Allen S, Maller: "God gives, God takes;" "Deuteronomy 29:5 on Aging;" "What is an Angel;" & "Loving Relationships."
bullet Poems by Andrew Pell:
bullet "The Eternal God"
bullet "World Peace"
bullet Karen G. Post, "Jesus Talks About Abortion In A Wondrous Dream."
bullet Personal tributes:
bullet Kenneth Smith: "A tribute to a father, Fred Smith, and a plea promoting vaccination"
bullet "Susan:" "A tribute to her mother, sister, and Granny"
bullet Prayer:
bullet "Alex A:" "An outlook on prayer and God's will"
bullet Michael Brandon: "Prayer: Growing up"
bullet Bindie Gill: "Why Prayer Does Not Work. A Common Sense Approach To Prayer"
bullet Larry Langston: "The effectiveness of prayer"

Kathy LaPan: "Why I am Praying for You, Even if you Don't Want Me To"

bullet Bill Peddie: "Francis Galton and the testing of prayer"
bullet Cheryl Petersen: "Fighting the New War for Interrelated Discovery." (Prayer and medical care)
bullet Mark Xandrine Sneed: "Prayer is the answer"
bullet Gil Gaudia, "About intercessory prayer: The scientific study of miracles."
bullet Prophecy: (It is worth noting that all specific end-time prophecies so far share one factor: a 100% failure rate!)
bullet Ben Douglas: "The end times have begun, as prophesized in Daniel 11:45 -- in Syria!"
bullet David Haggith: "The cornerstone of biblical prophecy: Coming soon to a mountain in Israel"
bullet Bruce McKerras: "Signposts of the coming Apocalypse"
bullet Ewiak Ryszard: "Who is 'the king of the north' mentioned in Daniel 11?"
bullet Proselytize:
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Proselytizing: My response and how I should have responded. A group of recommended books."
bullet Religion and spirituality: (See "Christianity" for additional essays)
bullet Jim Ashby: "A very brief history of human spiritual evolution leading to the major monotheistic Abrahamic religions of today"
bullet Troy Bakel: "My outlawed religion, restored in 1978"
bullet J. Bogard: "Which Way?"
bullet Dimuthu Calyaneratne: A brief summary of Buddhism
bullet Ariadne DawnFire: "Witchcraft: The step to civilization"
bullet Gogate: "The need for reform in religion"
bullet James Gray:
bullet "Worship: An exercise in revisioning" **
bullet "An Evolutionary Perspective on Matthew 25"
bullet Tom Hart: "God's religion:" where it can be found"
bullet Jim Haught: The long, slow death of religion, as "the Secular Age is snowballing"
bullet Hossain: "Islam behind the stereotypes"

Susan Humphreys:

bullet Arthur Levine: "The Faith Attracter Factor."
bullet Chris Knight: "Is religion still relevant? Part 1."
bullet Goliath Lau: "My stance on religion"

Allen S. Maller:

bullet "Matthew": "The Mazzarties"

Bill McKeen:


Ezat Mossallanejad: "Synopsis of the book "Religions and the cruel return of Gods"

bullet Nicholas Nam: "Toxic Faith: Stressors in the lives of young adult Korean-Americans"
bullet Dave Oshana: "Awakening inside the Matrix"
bullet Jim Persinger: "Were Adam and Eve the first humans?"
bullet Chintamani Rath: "So, why am I a Hindu?"
bullet "Reni:" Wicca and Christianity"
bullet Reema Singhal: "About Buddhism"
bullet William R. Stimson: "What unites America with Islam?"
bullet Philip Sudworth: Faith - putting its different dimensions into better perspective
bullet Alton C. Thompson: "The real religion of America"
bullet Richard Tod: "Peace will arrive only after organized religion ends"
bullet Keith Wright:  "The Deus Project and the United Deist Church"
bullet Rituals and practices:

Susan Humphreys:


Rabbi Allen S. Maller:

bullet Eric B. Munro: " 'Love Breathing': Experience Divine Joy With Every Breath You Breathe"
bullet Mahlon Wickey: "Water Baptism or Spirit Baptism?"
bullet Mahlon Wickey: "The Lord's Supper and Holy Communion"
bullet Salvation:
bullet Glynis Bethel: "Fornication and adultery are unforgivable and unpardonable sins for a Christian"
bullet William Blanton: "Jesus is the only way to salvation"
bullet Daren Crane: "The One Path to Salvation"
bullet Susan Humphreys: "I too have a dream! That one's salvation depends on ones acts, not one's beliefs."
bullet Larry Langston: "No one really knows"
bullet Alexander Winslow: "Ransom."
bullet Same-sex marriage (SSM)  See also homosexual topics
bullet Anon: "Jehovah's Witnesses, same-sex marriage & homosexuality"
bullet Brian Biedul: "Views on same-sex marriage"
bullet KC: "Protecting gender equality in marriage"
bullet Nick Emond: A different perspective about banning gay marriages

A.S. Maller:

bullet Leland Traiman: "Why the Lesbian/Gay Community Should Not Be Fighting for Same-Sex Marriage"
bullet Judy Trimarchi: "A solution to the same-sex marriage debate"
bullet Science and religion:
bullet Paul Erickson: "Science and religion"
bullet Russell Hairston: "Reconciling science and Christian theology"
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Does science refute the existence of God?"
bullet Larry Langston: "Does anything exists beyond the physical?"
bullet Crazy Late: "Science does not contradict Christianity. Life after death. "
bullet Dawn Wessel: "If God inspired the Bible, then it cannot conflict with science"

bullet Secularism:
bullet Curt Leavitt: "Evolution of moral law - from faith-based to evidence-based" 
bullet Peter Retzinger: "To abandon reason, to fear freedom, and the human condition"
bullet Separation of church and state:
bullet David Findley-Price: "Theocracy and rural Canada in the 21st century"
bullet Allen Hoffmeyer: "One Nation"
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Showdown: God's Law Versus Secular Law."
bullet Curt Leavitt: "Evolution of moral law - from faith-based to evidence-based"
bullet Joe McPhail: "Separation of church and state"
bullet Jason Miller: "Viewing the U.S. as a pluralistic nation with religious freedom"
bullet Lamar McClain, "The Medicaid Jack In the Box"
bullet Robert J. Thorpe, "Why Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell is correct about the ‘Separation of Church and State’"
bullet Sexuality
bullet Dean Akrill: "Church and Sexuality: A very turbulent relationship."
bullet Bjorn Philip Beer: "A hard pill to swallow: Catholic contraception policy"
bullet H. Paul Drinkard: "Whatever happened to chastity"
bullet Susan Humphreys:
bullet "Part of Nature's Plan Thoughts on the HHS Mandate"
bullet "Secularism, the Catholic Church & Natural Law"
bullet Rabbi Allen S. Maller:
bullet "Holy Matrimony and Spiritual Sexuality in Judaism"
bullet "The health benefits of circumcising males"
bullet Marilyn Taplin: "Original sin & its links to unnatural sexual activity"  
bullet Arthur Trafford: "For singles: Freedom from sexual pressure"
bullet Sin
bullet Lane Delano: The biblical theme of transferring sins to others: an alternate interpretation
bullet Marilyn Taplin: "Original sin & its links to unnatural sexual activity"
bullet Society
bullet Alton C. Thompson, "Two models of society, by Adam Smith and Paul"

bullet Social justice and caring:
bullet See Love, social justice and caring

bullet Spirituality:
bullet Pam Chubbuck, "My Healing Journey with John Pierrakos: Learning to Love"
bullet Sheryl Glick, "Journey to personal awareness using our 6th sense"
bullet Susan Humphreys: "Interactions between religion and spirituality"
bullet Larry Langston, "Perhaps life is about gathering experience, not waiting for rewards or punishment after life"
bullet Alisa Linn, "Restoring joy to giving."
bullet Natasa P. Nuit, "Spiritual evolution. The I Ching, Kabbalah, Tarot, Yogi, etc"
bullet Laura E. Shulman, "Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the World’s Religions"
bullet Alton C. Thompson, "Lessons of the campfire: People as spiritual beings to be loved and respected"
bullet Dr. Tommy Wong, "All spiritual experiences are positive"
bullet Terrorism:
bullet Jarim Uajua: "Islam is not the source of terrorism, but its solution."
bullet Susan Humphreys, "Faith-linked violence: Continuing Terrorist Attacks"
bullet Theology:
bullet John Adams: "Mystery: The Hidden Truth of the Gospel"
bullet Anon: "Truth"
bullet T. Crosthwaite: "The Gospel of Matthew -- the Gospel for the Jews"
bullet Elijah: "The Biblical account concerning life" Excerpt from "The Underground Bible"
bullet James B. Gray:
bullet "Comparing Orthodoxy (correct belief) and Orthopraxy (correct behavior)" Part 1  Part 2
bullet A comparison of the Book of Job with the parable of the Good Samaritan
bullet Peter Griffiths: "Restoring the order of the books in the Christian Scriptures"
bullet Marvin Lam: "University of life"
bullet Larry Langston: "Did Jesus die for our sins"
bullet Samuel Klein: "Why the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not a cult"
bullet Gerald Ostroot: Transferring sin:
bullet Exodus 20:5; Jesus on the Cross; Jewish Day of Atonement; Original Sin; What do we believe?
bullet Steve Simmer: "The new Ten Commandments"
bullet Donald Stark, "Mythologizing the Bible"
bullet Georgia Stewart, "Liberation Theology and Salvation"
bullet David Stone: "Who is a Christian"
bullet Wiliam Taylor Sr: "Who is the true Christian?"
bullet "Tony:" "Towards a Roman Catholic and Protestant convergence in the understanding of sin"
bullet "Tony:" "Catholicism and Anglican Orders: Redrawing the Boundaries"
bullet Tolerance, religious:
bullet Abe Ata: "The plight of Palestinian Christians."
bullet Bilal Cleland "Is religious tolerance a passing phenomenon? Religious tolerance in the West's past & future
bullet Richard Dixon: "Not in my name."
bullet Hijab Al Faisal: "Islam -- A true religion of peace, tranquility& intellect: a moderate Islamic interpretation
bullet Ibraham Hooper: "Terror has no faith."
bullet Marvin Lam: "The Unspoken word"
bullet Allen Maller: "How religious Americans view those of other faiths
bullet R.W. Mettetal: "On the tolerance of Christians towards Atheists, and vice-versa"
bullet Freya Moon: "Change a light bulb, change the world."
bullet Alison Nolan: "Now Is The Time To Act"
bullet Nathan Parker: "Improving relationships between Theists and Atheists"
bullet Transgender/transexual essays:

Susan Humphreys:

bullet Truth:

Creighton Ainsworth: "Listen to the evidence -- all the evidence"

bullet Susan Humphreys: "No ifs, ands, or buts" An essay about the lack of absolute truths
bullet Ron Schwartz: "What is truth?" An essay about the diversity of Christian beliefs

Kathy LaPan:

bullet Unity:
bullet Anon: "The need for Jewish unity
bullet Violence, religiously inspired:
bullet Jon Brodkin: "While prayer is peaceful, violence is often in name of God"
bullet James Peter Jandu: "Jungle Justice and Lynch Mob Mentality. Causes and cures"
bullet Rabbi Allen S. Maller: "God's commandment against religious extremism"
bullet Vladimir Tomek: "Passages advocating violence and genocide in religious texts"
bullet Worldview: See Beliefs

bullet Other topics:
bullet Anon: "How to dance in the rain: a message of enduring love"
bullet Anon: "Requiem For A Dream: The Decline Of American Values"
bullet D.B.: "Role playing games and Christianity"

Andrew Graham: "Did Jerusalem fall in 586 or 607 BCE?" Rebuttal essay by Doug Mason: "The Bible and the destruction of Jerusalem"

bullet James B. Gray:
bullet "Will the Frog Jump? About alternative future societies"
bullet "Why are we in an economic mess?"
bullet Susan Humphreys:
bullet "The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy, Personal growth, & Transcendence"
bullet "Schism within the Boy Scouts movement"
bullet "Hate: What it is & how it damages the hater"
bullet Katie Johnson: "Misconceptions That Some People Make About Churchgoers"
bullet Kathy Lapan: "How we all came to be,  or  why racism is pointless"
bullet Michael Levy: "Soul Searching ... Why Not Bring in the Clones? "
bullet Rabbi Allen S. Maller: "Christmas and Chanukkah, Hanuka, Chanukah..?"
bullet Lisa Lusby: "Role Playing Games (RPGs) provide a safe haven for teenagers."
bullet Amarji Singh: "Two stories about being possessed by possessions"
bullet Loren Veltkamp: "Falun Dafa for Christians"
bullet Alton Thompson: "Our strange society"
bullet Misc. sources: "Wise parables and other stories"

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