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Rules & suggestions about donating essays

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As mentioned on the visitor essay menu, essays that we publish from our visitors are not held to the same standards as others in the rest of our web site. But we do have a few rules and suggestions:

A minimum of rules:

bullet Please prepare your essay using a plain text editor, or Microsoft Word and Email it to us.
bullet Sorry, we cannot accept essays in typed form, written form, or via Fax. We are chronically short of time and do not have available staff time to type essays into our computer.
bullet We reserve the right to reject abusive essays.
bullet We can only publish essays which are free of copyright restrictions. We assume that any material that you send us is either in the public domain or is written by yourself, and that we are free to publish it. Short quotations from copyrighted material are usually acceptable.
bullet As noted on our visitor essay menu, we don't publish essays advocating spanking or other corporal punishment of children, or essays dealing with conspiracy theories or doomsday scenarios.

Some suggestions:

bullet We prefer essays that contain 75 lines or more.
bullet Keep a copy of your submission in case you don't get a reply from us. That way, you can resend it.
bullet Please indicate whether you would like to remain anonymous or would prefer to have your name listed with your essay.

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Originally written: 2005-SEP-14
Latest update: 2018-MAR-03
Author: B.A. Robinson

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