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The year 2000 presidential elections were unique in living memory for the closeness of the results. Federally, George W Bush, the Republican party candidate, and Al Gore, the Democratic candidate differed by less than 1 %. In the state of Florida, they may have differed by only a few hundred votes.

But persons of different races and faith groups differed greatly in their relative support of Bush and Gore. Exit polls taken by Voter News Service uncovered the following data:

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Distribution by religious group:

Unfortunately, the pollsters did not record Muslims separately; the pollsters lumped them together with many other minority faiths under the category of "other religions." Roman Catholics did not vote as heavily Democrat as in previous elections.

Group % of electorate % voting Republican % voting Democrat
Jews 4% 17% 81%
Protestants 54% 55% 43%
Roman Catholics 27% 46% 50%
Other religions; primarily Muslim 5% 33% 54%
No religious affiliation 9% 28% 61%

Looking at individuals who identified themselves as from the "religious right:"

Group % of electorate % voting Republican % voting Democrat
Religious right 14% 79% 19%
Not religious right 83% 41% 55%

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Distribution by attendance at religious services:

As expected, high church attendance correlated positively with voting Republican.

Attendance % voting Republican % voting Democrat
Never 29% 62%
Once a week 56% 41%
More than once 62% 36%

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Distribution by race:

Race % voting Republican % voting Democrat
African-Americans 8% 90%
Caucasians 65% 42%

In the key state of Florida, 93% of African-Americans voted Democrat compared with 7% for Republican. The data for Caucasians is clearly in error, as the total is in excess of 100%. 

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  1. "Religion, race matter in the voting booth," ReligionToday, 2000-NOV-10 

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Copyright 2000 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2000-NOV-10
Latest update: 2000-NOV-10
Author: B.A. Robinson

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