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An brief essay about the author's beliefs about Jesus:

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About this web site:

This web site at is different from almost all other religious web sites. It is unusual, mainly because of two principles which I, as the main author, have attempted to follow:

  • I try to impartially explain all views on each religious, moral, or ethical topic objectively with minimal bias. Almost all other religious web site promote one tradition or denomination with one religion.

  • Unlike most Internet media sources, when covering current developments, I try to provide a complete story in a single essay or group of linked essays. In comparison, most media supply multiple snapshots of stories as the news breaks each day.

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My personal thoughts about Jesus:

On 2018-MAR-10, I spotted an entry on that had been just submitted by a Karl Johanson on the topic: "What do you think about Jesus?"

I couldn't resist answering the question myself. I added the following comment (slightly edited here):

"It is impossible to obtain a clear understanding of Jesus and his teachings. There were no impartial observers alive when he was, who followed his teachings and who recorded events in his life.

My guess is that he was a fully human religious leader who was conceived in the normal way. He was born sometime in the fall between the year 7 and 4 BCE. He was raised as a Jew and remained one throughout his life. Jesus was focussed on reforming Judaism, not creating a new world religion.

He was a follower of a major liberal Jewish leader: Hillel the Elder who lived during the first century BCE, from whom he developed positive views towards women, and an appreciation of the importance of the Golden Rule. His popularity with the public made the Roman occupying administration very nervous, particularly at the time of Passover when nationalistic feelings peaked. When he attacked the commercial interests in the Jerusalem Temple he was seized by soldiers whose headquarters was located very close to the temple, and sentenced to death by a low-level Roman Army officer. He died on a stake or cross and buried in a ditch, along with some other Jews on the same day who were considered insurrectionists by the Roman occupying government. He was not resurrected and did not ascend to Heaven.

The first and thus the most reliable Gospel in the Bible was written by an unknown author and attributed to Mark. It was written circa 70 CE -- some three decades after Jesus' execution. In the meantime, many inaccurate legends were created about his life and ministry which were mixed with accurate memories. If you read the four Gospels in chronological order (Mark, Mathew, Luke, John) you will find that more and more magical stories are piled on top of accurate stories of Jesus’ life in the later Gospels. His most important teachings are of the Golden Rule at Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31.

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Author: B.A. Robinson
Originally posted on: 2018-MAR-10

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