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Available books on Wicca

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Introductory books on Wicca:

The following books are popular introductions to Wicca for either solitary practitioners, or new coven members. (A coven is a group of Wiccans). There is no "best" introductory book to Wicca. Religion in general, and Wicca in particular, involves intensely personal experiences. Some traditions and books will appeal to you; others will not. 

If you follow the links to Amazon.com, you might consider buying a lower cost copy via Amazon's marketplace of new and used copies.

bulletMargot Adler, "Drawing down the moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess worshipers and other Pagans in America today," Penguin USA, (1997) Rated by Amazon.com in the top 3,500 of all books sold. Read reviews or order this book safely from Amazon.com online book store

bulletDeborah Blake:
bullet"Circle, Coven & Grove," Llewellyn Publ,, (2007). Amazon comments: "Part instruction manual, part personal journal, and part Book of Shadows, this all-in-one ritual handbook is an ideal tool for busy Witches, new covens, and new priestesses, priests, or coven leaders. Celebrate the Wheel of the Year with original group rituals that can be used as written, personalized to reflect your coven's unique style, or modified for solitary practitioners. Rated 5 out of 5 stars by Amazon customers. Review/order this book
bullet"Everyday Witch A to Z: An Amusing, Inspiring & Informative Guide to the Wonderful World of Witchcraft," Llewellyn Publ,, (2008). Amazon comments: "Whether you're curious about the art of witchcraft and just setting out on your path or looking to add more spellcrafting skills to your repertoire, this must-have book is meant for you. From altars to the zodiac, all things witchy are presented alphabetically in quick and easy bites for fast reference." Rated 5 out of 5 stars by Amazon customers. Review/order this book

bulletRaymond Buckland:
bullet"Buckland's complete book of Witchcraft," Llewellyn Publ,, (1986).This is an excellent introductory book on Wicca. Review/order this book
bullet"The Tree: The complete book of Saxon Witchcraft," Red Wheel/Weiser, (1974). Review/order this book
bulletScott Cunningham
bullet"Wicca: A guide for the solitary practitioner," Llewellyn Publ., (1990). This book is very highly rated by reviewers. It is Amazon.com's #1678th most popular books! That may not sound very impressive. However, Amazon sells millions of titles.

Amazon.com review: "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner is the essential primer from one of the best known authors on Wicca. Focusing on the importance of individualism in your spiritual path, Cunningham explains the very basics of Sabbats (holy days), ceremonies, altars, and other nuts and bolts of Wicca that a solitary practitioner may have trouble finding elsewhere. While Wicca shouldn't be your sole point of reference when considering Wicca as your way of life, it is one of the best starting points."

Review/order this book. This is the most popular book purchased by visitors to this site.

bullet"Living Wicca, A further guide for the solitary practitioner," Llewellyn Publ., (1993) This is a sequel to the previous book. Cunningham shows methods of integrating Wicca into your everyday life. Rated by Amazon as the 7,468th most popular book. Review/order this book. It is tied for third place among the most popular book purchases by visitors to this site.
bulletEileen Holland: "Spells for the Solitary Witch," Weiser Books, (2004). This book explains how to prepare and cast 87 spells. The author suggests alternatives for hard-to-find ingredients. Review/order this book

bulletSilver Ravenwolf:
bullet"To ride a silver broomstick: New generation Witchcraft," Llewellyn Publ., (1993) Review/order this book This is an immensely popular book. It is tied for third place among the most popular books purchased by visitors to this web site. However, it is lacking in historical accuracy in many places and rather intolerant of monotheistic religions and their followers.
bullet"To stir a magick cauldron: A witch's guide to casting and conjuring," Llewellyn Publ., (1996).  This book concentrates on intermediate-level magical practices. Review/order this book
bullet"To light a sacred flame: Practical witchcraft for the Millennium," Llewellyn Publ., (1999)  Review/order this book
bullet"Teen Witch: Wicca for a new generation," Llewellyn, (1999). Some might not be impressed by the cover of this book. However, the contents give an excellent introduction to Wicca for youths. Review/order this book

bulletShanddaramon, "Self-initiation for the Solitary Witch: Attaining higher spirituality through a five-degree system," New Page Books, (2004). Aside from one picky interview, Amazon.com reviewers gave this book the maximum, 5 star, rating. Review/order this book

bulletStarhawk, "Spiral dance: A rebirth of the ancient religion of the Great Goddess," Harper, San Francisco, (1989) This is a revised version, published on the occasion of the original edition's 10th anniversary. It "leans heavily toward the feminist aspects of Wicca..." Review/order this book

bulletPaul Tuitean & Estelle Daniels, "Essential Wicca," Crossing Press (2001). This book "covers all the bases -- core beliefs and practices, basic and group rituals, festivals and gatherings, holy days, and rights of passage." It contains a glossary with over 200 entries. This book comes very highly recommended by Amazon customers, having received a perfect "5" rating. Review/order this book

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A series of novels for youths:

bulletCate Tiernan has written a series of novels for youths from 12 or 13 and older. They form the "Sweep" series, starting with Book of Shadows, and continuing with The Coven, Blood Witch, Dark Magick, Awakening, Spellbound, The Calling, Changeling, Strife, Seeker, Origins, Eclipse, Reckoning, and Full Circle.

This chart is provided by Amazon.com. You sometimes need to click on your browser's refresh key to bring up a list of books by Cate Tiernan.

Amazon.com provides a list of their Wiccan bestsellers at: http://www.amazon.com/ It is updated hourly.

Other Wiccan books:

bulletRaven Grimassi: "The Wiccan mysteries: Ancient origins and teachings," Llewellyn Publ., (1997). Review/order this book According to Amazon.com: "Raven Grimassi traces the origins of rites and practices peculiar to the craft and uncovers their inner meanings."

bulletJudy Harrow, "Wicca covens: How to start and organize your own," Citadel Press, (1999). Review/order this book This book has been given high ratings by reviewers. However, its title may be confusing. It deals mainly with resolving conflicts within existing covens, not describing how to start a coven from scratch. "Covencraft" (see below) may be a better guide to help form a new coven.

bulletEllen Hopman & Lawrence Bond, "People of the Earth: The New Pagans speak out," Inner Traditions Intl Ltd,(1996) Review/order this book This book contains interviews of dozens of Pagans, from Margot Adler to Oberon Zell. It informs the reader of the tremendous diversity within Neopaganism.

bulletEvelyn Heinemann, "Witches: A psychoanalytic exploration of the killing of women," Free Association Books, (1999). Review/order this book This is a book on the burning times. The author argues that Freud and others were seriously mistaken in their understanding of killing of women in the 16th and 17th century. She "asserts that the witch phenomenon is an example of the potential for destructiveness by the human imagination and shows the necessity of understanding unconscious processes in social phenomena today." The first chapter is available online. 

bulletRonald Hutton, "The Triumph of the Moon," Oxford University Press, (2000). Review/order this book This book describes the precursors to Neopaganism in the 19th century which led to modern Wicca in the UK. Thoroughly researched; not cheap.

bulletAmber K, "Covencraft: Witchcraft for three or more," Llewellyn Publ., (1998). Review/order this book A "...complete guidebook for anyone who desires to practice Witchcraft in a caring, challenging, well-organized spiritual support group..."

Other lists of Wiccan books:

bulletThe Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) has an awesome list of categories of Pagan books at: http://www.cuups.org/content/resources/
bulletOf particular interest may be their list of "Classics, Perennials & favorites" at: http://www.cuups.org/content/resources/ 

Amazon.com's data base search for "Wicca" shows the following books:

Click on the "refresh" button of your browser to do another scan.

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Author: Bruce A Robinson

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