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Wicca, a Neopagan religion

How to contact a local Wiccan
practitioner or Wiccan coven

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Since Wiccans total less than 1% of the population of North America, it is sometimes difficult for a solitary Wiccan to find other members of their faith in her/his locality. Some suggestions:

bullet Consult the index of individuals, covens and groups maintained by the Witches' Voice at:  They have a separate menu for each U.S. state, Canadian province, UK political area, Australian state and many foreign countries. They also have a section for teens called "Young Pagan Contacts" at: You need to approach these contacts with care. There is always the possibility that a person or group may misrepresent themselves in the listing. A person describing themselves as a 13 year old might actually be a 40 year old predator! We recommend that you proceed cautiously and make the first meeting in a public location, like a mall.
bullet Go to the Witches Meetup web site at: and enter your country and location. As of 2003-Samhain, this group organizes meetings in public places at 7 PM local time, on the 4th Tuesday of each month in 523 locales (cities, towns regions) in 25 countries around the world.
bullet If you cannot find a contact in your area, there are other routes that you might follow:
bullet Take out a personal listing in the Witchvox site in the hope that someone in  your area searches for a contact.
bullet Attempt to find a listing for a group or individual in the next large city. They might know of a person or coven in your area.
bullet Go to your local New Age book store, Occult shop, Pagan shop or Metaphysical shop. You might be able to find a contact by viewing their bulletin board or talking to an employee.
bullet Make contact with a local congregation or fellowship which is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association. Some Wiccans seek spiritual fellowship by joining UU groups.
bullet Attend a local Wiccan/Neopagan gathering or festival. A calendar of such events is maintained by the Witches' Voice at: 

We urge caution when contacting an unknown Wiccan individual or group in person for the first time. There are a lot of nut-cases in North America and Neopaganism has its share. We recommend arranging the first meeting in a public place, and proceeding cautiously.

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