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Contacting other teens; Internet resources

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How to contact other teen Wiccans:

This can be difficult, particularly if you live outside of a large city. Even though the number of Wiccans in the U.S. and Canada is doubling about every 30 months, the percentage of Wiccans in the U.S. and Canada is still less than 1% of the total population. Wiccans can be hard to find. Possible methods of finding fellow Wiccan teens in your area include:

bullet Searching Internet data bases. WitchVox maintains a "Young Pagan Contacts" section which lists young Pagans from around the world. 1
bullet Visiting New Age, Occult, Pagan, or Metaphysical stores, and looking at their bulletin boards or talking to their staff.
bullet Wiccan/Pagan festivals are another way to make contacts.

These are described in our essay on contacting fellow Wiccans. Please be very careful; there are physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abusers out there, and Wicca is no exception. There is always the possibility that a person or group may misrepresent themselves in the listing. A person describing themselves as a 13 year old might actually be a 40 year old predator! We recommend that you proceed cautiously and make the first meeting in a public location, like a mall.

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Web sites by and for teenage Wiccans:

bullet The Witches' Voice maintains a section: "Teenage Witchcraft: The future of the Craft" It features "the literary power of today's Young Pagan." See: 
bullet The Covenant of the Goddess maintains a list of "Wiccan children and youth resources" at: 
bullet Youth for Pagan Awareness attempts to educate the public about issues concerning Neopaganism...especially about those issues which affect younger Pagans. See: 
bullet represents the "interests of people under 18 in the debate over freedom of speech on the Internet." They have reported that many benign sites (including our site) have been blocked by Internet censorship software. Many censorship companies block any web site containing the word "Witch". See: 
bullet The Pagan Cultural Center contains "Teen Pagans: The next generation" essay and essays by individual teens at:
bullet Teen Wiccan Page is a personal web site from a male Wiccan in Fresno, CA. See:
bullet Tony and Keith, "Welcome to Teen Wicca!" at:
bullet "WhiteCrow," "Teen Wicca," at:
bullet Canis Fidelis, "The Teen Wicca of Canis Fidelis," at:
bullet "The Purple Raven Teen Wiccan Site," at:
bullet "Cyber-Moon Circle is made up of teenage pagans of several traditions and different parts of the world." See:
bullet Teen Witch Network has a networking list, link section, FAQ, etc. See:
bullet Mystical Grove has a teen Pagan Newsletter discussed at:

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Forums for teen Wiccans:

bullet Yahoo! Groups has at least three Wiccan / Pagan forums:
bullet "Pagan_teen" unmoderated forum for "teens growing up Pagan to vent frustrations due to discrimination, share spells and tips." The forum was founded in 1999-MAR; as of 2002-AUG, it has 93 members.  2
bullet "Young Pagan / Wiccans of Canada is an unmoderated forum which " for young Pagans, Wiccans, and other practitioners who want to meet others in their area, generally Victoria/Vancouver area but all others are welcome. They also welcome adults. 3
bullet Witches_magical_circle welcome "true teenage white witches/wiccans/pagans who are interested in sharing their thoughts, experiences, spells, and knowledge with others." It was organized in 1991-AUG and has 17 members as of 2002-AUG. 4
bullet Topica forums has at least two forums:
bullet Teen Witches working Together (TWWT) is an unmoderated forum for teens who want to work with other teens to become witches. Teens who are already witches may join to give advice..." 5
bullet EclecticTeenPagans is an unmoderated forum for Pagan teens from all over the world. They have 36 subscribers as of 2002-AUG. 6
bullet Delphi Forums has at least one forum:
bullet "Teen Witch Forum -- The fresh face of Witchcraft" 7
bullet Saplings is a discussion forum organized in 1996 for teen and college-aged pagans of all paths. 8

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  2. "Pagan_teen Forum," Yahoo! Groups at:
  3. "Youth Pagan / Wiccans of Canada," Yahoo! Groups at:
  4. "Witches_magical_circle Forum," Yahoo! Groups at:
  5. "Teen Witches Working Together," at:
  6. EclecticTeenPagans is forum at:
  7. "Teen Witch Forum," Delphi Forums, at:
  8. "Saplings" at:

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