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YEAR 2008

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Wiccan news for 2008:

News about Wiccans and other Neopagans in the media appears to be drying up. We suspect that some of the reasons are:

bullet Many new conservative Christian web sites and books have accurately reflected Wicca instead of reprinting misinformation based on religious propaganda from the Burning Times
bullet The public has generally become much more aware of Wicca, and have accepted it as a valid minority religion.
bullet Enough Wiccans have enforced their rights through the court. Fewer public school districts continue to ban religious jewelry; fewer municipal councils reject non-Judeo-Christian representatives for the delivery of invocations.

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News items:

bullet 2008-FEB-14: Saudi "Witch" sentenced to be executed: Fawza Falih is an illiterate woman in Saudi Arabia who was accused by a man of causing his impotence. She was arrested by religious police, and allegedly mistreated. She was forced to mark a confession written by the police with her fingerprint. The confession was not read to her in advance. A number of witnesses said that she had bewitched them as well, and provided written statements to the court. She and her representatives were not allowed to attend most of the hearings. She was sentenced to be executed. The conviction was overturned on appeal appeal court. But the law courts re-imposed the death sentence because they felt it would be in the public interest. Human Rights Watch has appealed to the King Abdullah who alone has the power to cancel the execution. 1

The above report has no connection to Wicca. However, the media are referring to her as a "witch" in the sense of a sorceress who is believed by some to engage in black magic.

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  1. Heba Saleh, "Pleas for condemned Saudi 'witch'," BBC News, 2008-FEB-14, at:

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Originally published: 2007-JAN-22
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Author: B.A. Robinson

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