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I am Bruce A Robinson, the author of most of the articles on this web site.

I was raised a Protestant Christian. My family originally attended Bethel Baptist Church in Toronto, Ontario Canada. They switched for an unknown reason to the nearby Leaside United Church. As a child, I dutifully said my prayers every night. I attended Sunday School at the Leaside United Church and recall segments of some of the lessons today -- even after seven decades.

I seemed to be different from the other students in Sunday School. I had difficulty understanding the messages of some of the Bible stories.

While learning the Exodus story in Sunday School, my classmates and I were asked to draw a picture showing some aspect of that event. Most of the other children drew a picture of Moses, with hands raised, separating the Red/Reed Sea. But I drew a sketch of a heartbroken Egyptian couple holding their dead first-born child in their arms, and who were facing hardship and hunger because of the death of the first-born of all their livestock.

Also, while being taught about the Flood of Noah, the other children drew pictures of the Ark with usual two giraffes sticking their necks above the top deck. I drew a sketch of some innocent human children, who were drowning in the middle of the ocean created by the flood.

Never having sensed the presence of God at any time in my life, I recognized that I was an Agnostic in my early teen years. I have continually and unsuccessfully sought indications of God's existence ever since. I have remained an Agnostic for seven decades, and counting.

In recent years, I have been impressed by many Christians who genuinely believe they regularly have a two-way conversation with God through prayer. I have never experienced this, so I decided to conduct a pilot study circa the year 2000. I obtained about 80 volunteers who read my web site, and who regularly prayed to God.

At the time, same-sex marriages were not legal anywhere; they were first made legal in the Netherlands during 2001. I asked them whether they favored allowing same-sex couples to marry. About half were in favor and half opposed. I asked them to pray to God to determine his opinion. Results were:

  • 100% of those opposed to same-sex marriage found that God agreed with them.

  • 100% of those who favored same-sex marriage found that God agreed with them as well.

These findings reinforced my personal Agnostic beliefs.

However, who knows what the future may bring? The Bible may be right in Deuteronomy 4:29, Proverbs 8:17, Jeremiah 29:13. Matthew 7:7-8, and Luke 11:9-10 when it says that those who seek God will find him. One can always hope. In the meantime, I feel ethically bound to live, with uncertainty, as an Agnostic.

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