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Religious tolerance

Part 2: Five more YouTube videos
religious tolerance

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These videos are continued from Part 1

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Religious Tolerance: Make a difference" by "hmontweb,"  2008-APR-11:

Poster's comments: "A brief presentation of some negative contributions to society made by those who use religion as means to express and conduct their hate on others and how you can make a difference by showing tolerance and respect to other religions. We all have to learn to live together."


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"Religious tolerance" by CrossStichedLovers," 2008-FEB-01:

Poster's comments: "Another short animation portraying two children in Israel who learn that they can get along even with religious differences."


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"Religious Tolerance - TV Commercial." 2010-FEB-20:

Poster's comments: "Public Service Announcement / TV Commercial created by Monks Without Borders for the purpose of promoting religious tolerance and cultural cooperation. Produced in collaboration with Youth For Human Rights International."


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"CoeXisT, Short English Version." 2008-AUG-11:

Poster's comments: "U2's song "40", performed by U2NL, with a word by the Rev. Jan Andries de Boer about cooperation between religions and world-peace."


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"Religious Tolerance:" by ClauRF22" 2010-NOV-25:


Ten more videos can be found on Part 3

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Latest update: 2015-MAY-05
Posted by: B.A. Robinson

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