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An essay donated by Richard Tod

Peace after organized religion ends

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The world will only live in peace when all the religions are long forgotten and their political struggle for the minds of the ignorant is ended.

I suggest that God brought us the prophets, Mohamed and Christ among them. It was the devil who brought us religion to divide and conquer. Now let the real debate begin. Let us identify the warmongers, wheedle out the devil and his minions and bring harmony to the true believers.

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It is the people who seek to capture souls that create those thoughts in the minds of the ignorant. The Christians were a peaceful group of people until they were tricked by the Romans into putting the cross in front of the Christians and telling them the people before them were enemies of Christ/ Thereby they creating the first Christian Army, and prepared to kill and be killed for Christ. (Machiavelli eat your heart out).
It is just political manipulation. It is the dirtiest form of politics, feeding off superstition, fear and ignorance. As long as any religion exists, freedom of thought and harmony among people will only ever be a dream.

There can never be religious tolerance at the strategic level, as the battle for supremacy between the churches will always get in the way. As in all organizations, the need to maintain the organization becomes more important than the original goals.

Tolerance at the operational level can be "tolerated" by the hierarchy just so long as it is kept under control. You can see the sort of battle I am talking about when we consider what happens just among Christians. Consider the Catholic v Protestant in Northern Ireland. This has always been about domination of one over the other.

Look at this own web site. One faith boasting of its ultimate domination over the rest is hardly a recipe for harmony. This can only lead to more hate and more bitterness from those who fear subjugation by the ascending religion.

Born into a mixed family of Catholics and Protestants I see the fear in members of my own loving family. Cousins from each side of the divide love and support each other at times of crisis but when the question of religion is raised, they sink into their respective gutters and regurgitate the old hate diatribe taught in the schools and in the streets. Membership in religious clubs and football teams only reinforce the tribal nature of the phenomenon.

Does God need priests to demand how he/she should be worshipped? I doubt it. Does God need priests to select which bits of the scriptures are important and which not? I doubt it. Did God allow us the freedom of choice, the freedom of thought and the ability to choose our own path to his door? Yes God did.

Religion is a diversion on the road to salvation, not the path.

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Originally posted: 2007-DEC-19
Latest update: 2007-DEC-19
Author: Richard Tod

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