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Parental consent/notification
for teen abortions: All viewpoints

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bullet "To deny parents the opportunity...risks or perpetuates estrangement or alienation from the child when she is in the greatest need of parental guidance and support and denies all dignity to the family." From a brief by a group of California attorneys.
bullet "...such laws are unnecessary for stable and supportive families, and they are ineffective and cruel for unstable, troubled families." American Civil Liberties Union 1
bullet "My parents never would have consented to an abortion...they would have thrown me out on the street and completely disowned me." Anonymous visitor to this web site.
bullet Parental involvement laws "increase the gestational age at which the induced pregnancy termination occurs, thereby also increasing the risk associated with the procedure." American Medical Association. 2

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Most states in the U.S. have passed laws requiring pregnant teens to involve their parents in any decision whether to have an abortion. These laws are controversial.

As of 2007-JAN, six states and the District of Columbia do not have parental notification or consent laws. The consent or notification laws in six states are on the books but not in effect. More details

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet Introduction: overview; status of state parental involvement laws.
bullet Details: A typical law; How they are circumvented; Impact on the abortion rate
bullet Pros and cons of parental involvement laws
bullet A federal bill to criminalize efforts to help teens get an abortion

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References used:

The following sources of information were used in the preparation and updating of this manu. The Internet links are not necessarily still intact.

  1. American Civil Liberties Union, "Reproductive Freedom: The Rights of Minors," at:
  2. Warren Seigel, "Legislative Hearing on H.R. 748, the 'Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act'."  U.S. House of Representatives, 2005-MAR-03, at:

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Originally published: 1998-JUL-13
Latest update: 2006-JUL-28
Author: Bruce A Robinson
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