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More poems donated to this
website by pro-life poets

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Continued from a previous list

"Life: Our First Right" by Lee Caress

You were never a choice
No, never one to me
In my thoughts, you were a child
One the world deserved to see
But as our once moral, morals
Fade into these liberal nights
So do you, poor unborn child
Your breath, heartbeat, and rights
Convenience is this worlds new guide
And convenient, you were not
! "Our right to choice trumps your right to life"
At least, this is what we're taught
Should we do away with paramedics next?
The coast guard, and firemen?
If a babies life, isn't life at all
Then why save the lives of men?
Can we not see what we have started?
Is this concept one we're unwilling to catch?
This world will burn in liberated flames
Use this needle, light this match

"Tiller's Farm" bu Eleni Phufas

The vermin are eating
Our progeny.
There in the waste behind the clinic
They get a taste
Of our humanity. 

The furrows spread
Their crevasses apart
The seeds are dropped
The settling begins
Life unfurling 

Soft breezes and warm waters
Enrich their life
Life from life
As birds screech above

Swoop down to peck at the life
that burdens the earth
The tiller completes the task

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"Hush little baby" by Loranda Arosemena

Hush little baby
You’re almost dead.
Lay down your struggles,
And rest your head.
Call your mind,
And let yourself go.
You won’t be missed—
No one will know.

Hush little baby
It’s time to die.
No one will hear you
When you cry.
Your broken song
Will go unsung.
It’s sad to lose a
Life so young.

Hush little baby
It’s time to fly.
Time to utter an
Unheard goodbye.

No one will know
How you died.
No one will hear of
A mother’s crime.

Loranda Arosemena

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The Dream

I dreamed I was in line, before the great white throne of judgement, and I trembled as I judged my self unworthy.

Before me was a woman that, it seemed, every one knew.  She was famous, known far and wide.  She had laws made to protect the wolves and bears and laws named for her, to prevent cruelty to animals.  Compared to that, I had nothing I was known for.

But suddenly, this beautiful music filled the air and no eyes could hold back the tears.  It was music so lovely it took our breath.

I looked and saw a little girl, of exquisite beauty, playing a harp while looking at the lady in front of me.  She said not a word. 

Suddenly, the lady knelt to embrace the child.  With a wan look, the child said:

 "Mother, why did you not want me?  Why did you let them cut me out of you?"

© by KLogger1

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