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From 2006-April to June

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Background information on many aspects of abortion is found in individual essays, e.g. public opinion, clinic protests, clinic violence, parental notification, abortion methods, and post abortion syndrome. Information about the use of stem cells is elsewhere.

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News items:

bullet2006-APR-03: US: Dissention in the Constitution Party about abortion: The Constitution Party is an extreme-right wing national political party with affiliates in individual states. The Constitution Party of Nevada is reported to have deviated from the national party's stance on Abortion. The Nevada group would allow abortions that were induced by rape or incest. Some news reports have indicated that Howard Phillips, the founder of the party, "has in some sense acquiesced in this ideological deviation to avoid losing the Nevada State Constitution Party, one of the most vibrant state affiliates the national organization has." 1

The steering committee of their affiliate in Oregon will hold a meeting on MAY-20 to decide whether they should separate from the national body over the abortion issue and proceed as an independent state party. Their chairperson wrote: "We continue to function as the Constitution Party of Oregon. And yes, we still do visualize abortionists on trial." 2
bullet2006-MAY-12: Canada: Pro-life demonstration in Ottawa, ON: Several thousand demonstrators converged on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada for their annual March for Life. They agitated for a new federal law to limit abortion access. Canada may be the only country in the world that does not have a law controlling abortion access. However an unnamed source in the prime minister's office said: "We have no intention of raising the abortion issue." 3
bullet2006-MAY-23: HI: Anti-abortion aerial banners prohibited: The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, which opposes abortion access, attempted to have its anti-abortion banners towed by airplanes over Waikiki Beach, HI as part of its Airborne Reproductive Choice Campaign. The banners include graphic pictures of late-term aborted fetuses. They had been displayed in several other states, but were prevented from flying them in Honolulu because of a city ordinance that prohibits all aerial advertising. The Center launched a lawsuit but lost at the federal trial court. Circuit Judge Margaret McKeown wrote that the "preservation of the visual beauty of Honolulu's coastal and scenic areas is of paramount importance" to the state's economy. The Center lost again at a federal appeals court. The appeals court defined the airspace above Waikiki beach as a "nonpublic forum" -- a place that does not have a longstanding tradition of having been used for free-speech expression. Thus, the constitutionality of the city bylaw was judged on the basis of them being reasonable and viewpoint-neutral. 4
bullet2006-MAY 21 (week of): Canada: Amnesty International section supports decriminalization of abortion: The Canadian section of Amnesty International -- a pioneer in the field of human rights around the world -- voted to support:
bulletthe decriminalization of abortion,
bulletaccess to abortion if needed to save the life of the pregnant woman, and
bulletaccess to women who have become pregnant through rape or incest.

Alex Neve, the Canadian Secretary-General of AI said:

"Obviously this is a very difficult issue, even in a social justice organization. We have members with a variety of religious beliefs. But in recent years, we have been doing work on violence against women, including mass rape from Bosnia to Rwanda. We felt it was wrong and irresponsible as an organization, to have a policy vacuum, on women's rights.

Other AI sections, like Britain and New Zealand, have taken a more liberal stance.

Olivia Ward of the Toronto Star reports that:

"Anti-abortion organizations and some church groups who support Amnesty, have been outraged by the prospect that it would include abortion in its human rights campaigns. They have told Amnesty that it would lose members by pursuing the issue."

Mary Ellen Douglas of the Canadian Campaign Life Coalition said:

"It is unbelievable that a group that concerns itself with human rights as its stated goal should not consider the rights of three million little Canadians killed [by abortion] since 1969." 5

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References used:

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  2. Bob Ekstron, "Will Not Downsize Pro-Life Position," Constitution Party of Oregon, 2006-MAY-03, at: http://www.covenantnews.com/
  3. "Demonstrators urge Tories to reopen abortion issue, but PMO says it's not on," Canadian Press, 2006-MAY-12, at: http://catholicanada.com/
  4. "SF Court upholds Honolulu's aerial advertising ban," Bay City News Wire, 2006-MAY-23, at: http://cbs5.com/
  5. Olivia Ward, "Abortion on rights agenda: Canadian division of Amnesty backs decriminalization," Toronto Star, 2006-MAY-30, Page A12, at: http://www.thestar.com/

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Created: 2006-MAY-03
Latest update: 2006-MAY-31
Author: B.A. Robinson

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