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From 2006-July to September

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Background information on many aspects of abortion is found in individual essays, e.g. public opinion, clinic protests, clinic violence, parental notification, abortion methods, and post abortion syndrome. Information about the use of stem cells is elsewhere.

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News items:

bullet2006-JUL-18: MS: Pro-life demonstrators try to close abortion clinic: Demonstrators from Operation Save America, a pro-life group, collected in Jackson, MS, in an attempt to close down Mississippi's last abortion clinic. They are conducting rallies from JUL 15-22 "storming the gates of hell in the strong Name of Jesus Christ." Five were arrested in front of an Episcopal Church and are facing charges of obstructing traffic, protesting in a residential neighborhood without a permit, and disorderly conduct. When activists attempted to enter a Unitarian Universalist church, they were allegedly attacked by another group called "World Can't Wait -- an organization that is not affiliated with the church. Several demonstrators have allegedly been arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights by holding signs in a public sidewalk. 1
bullet2006-AUG-09: USA: Over-the-counter-sales of morning-after-pill may be implemented: Barr Laboratories and the FDA have agreed on a plan to allow over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception. Under the new plan, women under the age of 18 would still need to provide a prescription. The pills would only be sold in pharmacies and licensed clinics. The FDA will require Barr to use different packaging for the over-the-counter and prescription sales. There is some concern that pharmacies would not stock the latter packages because most of the sales would be over-the-counter. As always, most pro-life groups oppose EC because they feel it can operate as an abortifacient. Pro-choice groups promote EC partly in order to reduce abortions. 2
bullet2006-AUG-22: AZ: University pro-life group sues university: ASU Students for Life has sued the Arizona State University (ASU) for limiting their free speech and due process rights. The university allegedly placed unprecedented fees and space restrictions on them for a campus exhibition of pictures of aborted fetuses. The university is reported as having required the group to pay liability insurance.

Heather Gebelin Hacker, of the Alliance Defense Fund is the group's lead attorney. She said:

"The main issue of this case is that the students want to be treated equally as the other students on campus...It's pretty egregious that this is a student organization that had to get legal council just to have their display on campus...These students don't deserve to be treated differently...for their pro-life views."

Nancy Tribbensee, ASU General Council denied that the group was treated differently from other student groups. She said:

"We routinely impose that insurance requirement, and we're required by the state to require insurance...They could have been pictures of puppies, and we would have required insurance." 3

bullet2006-SEP-02: OR: Oregon Right to Life is backing a pro-choice candidate for governor: Oregon Right to Life is backing, but does not fully endorse, Ron Saxton (R) for governor, even though he describes himself as pro-choice. He favors restricted access to abortion, but would require parental notification, a 24 hour waiting period, bans on late-term abortions, and reduced financial support for poor women seeking abortions. They do not support Mary Starrett, the candidate for the Constitution Party, who opposes abortion access. They feel that she has no chance of winning. 4
bullet2006-SEP-12: IA: Allegations of arson at women's health center: David Robert McMenemy, 45, of Rochester Hills, MI is reported as having driven a 2004 Saturn car into the lobby of the Edgerton Women's Health Center in Davenport, IA at about 4:30 AM. He allegedly poured gasoline into the interior of the car and set it on fire. However, the building has a sprinkler system. Fire damage was minimal. The health center does not perform abortions; it does not even provide abortion referrals. It only counsels women about their options. 5
bullet2006-SEP-16: Portugal: Referendum on abortion likely: Eight years ago, adults in this predominately Roman Catholic country very narrowly voted to continue to criminalize abortion. The vote was 50.07% in favor. The ruling Socialist party and the opposition Social Democrats have tentatively decided to hold another referendum in 2007-JAN. The final decision will be made by the president. Alberto Martins, spokesperson for the Socialists said that his party would "really fight for the right to abortion, to end legislation it considers socially unjust and which it sees as a disgrace for Portugal in terms of a modern European country". Nuno Melo, spokesperson for the Christian Democrats said: "We are opposed to a liberalization of abortion as a matter of principle. Proposals like this are not going to make us shift our position. Do not expect a change of heart from the Christian Democrats in parliament on this." 6 More info.

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References used:

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Created: 2006-JUL-19
Latest update: 2006-SEP-21
Author: B.A. Robinson

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