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Banner and text ads on the OCRT website

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We have two general types of ads on our website:

  • Banner ads: Most of these are supplied by a commercial banner ad company and Google. These are on random topics. We have no control over their content. A typical ad is immediately above and to the right.

    In addition, some individuals and groups supply us with banner ads that we use in place of the the commercial ads. We set up a monthly automatic payment for these ads via PayPal. These are explained further below.

  • Text ads: These consist of a brief text and link to another website. They usually appear in lists of links. One example is a list of websites related to evolution and intelligent design in our origins section. Another is a list of Halloween-related sites in our Halloween section. They are restricted to websites that have significant religious, spiritual, moral or ethical content, or have content related to our essay where the ad appears. We supply these ads as a public service and do not charge for them.

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Our banner ad rates and methodology:

Most banner ads are sized 460 x 60 or 728 x 90 pixels. We can also accommodate 300 x 240 pixel ads and 120 x 600 vertical ads. The ad at the top of this essay has dimensions 728 x 90 pixels; the ad below is 300 x 230 pixels (when square ads are avaialble). We may also be able to handle ads with non-standard dimensions.

We can remove any of the banner ads supplied in rotation by an outside company at the top, middle, or bottom of our websites, and replace any with your banner ads. We reserve the right to not display any ad that we feel is not suitable. We do not regard ourselves as censors, and so allow almost all ads. The only ad that we have rejected in 15 years of operation was one for low-cost tobacco. We felt that this was a public health risk because of the product's addictive nature.

Our standard rate is $1.00 per 1,000 banner ad impressions. We compute this value by:


Determining the number of impressions that a particular essay or menu has received during the previous four weeks.


Multiplying this number by 1.087 to get the equivalent monthly amount.


Dividing the result by 1,000 to get a monthly rental charge in dollars.

We reserve the right to withdraw ads at any time in exchange for a prorated refund.

We will set up a page that will allow you to setup an automatic monthly transfer via PayPal for that amount. That simplifies our bookkeeping and keeps our administration costs to a minimum.

We review the amount of the transfer annually.

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Determining the number of impressions:

You can find out the number of impressions that a particular essay has received by:


Going to 


Clicking on a particular week, numbered 1 to 52. This displays a "Week of...." report.


Clicking on "Top Documents" at the upper-right corner of the screen.


After a short wait, a display of the file names of the most-visited 350 essays and menus will be shown.


You can use the "Find" option of your browser's "Edit" pull-down menu to search for a specific file, like hinduism.htm

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Requesting a banner ad:

Send us an Email containing:

  • An image file of your banner ad.
  • The name of the file(s) where you would like it shown: e.g. hinduism.htm
  • The URL of your website to which people are to be directed.

We will respond with an estimate of the monthly charge. If you agree we will set up a page so that you can create a monthly payment.

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