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Poem donated by Bob Allen

"Am I less human?"

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Am I less human?

Am I less human, if I look differently than you do, think differently than you do, live differently than you do, dress differently than you do, act differently than you do, or express myself differently than you do ?

Am I less human, if the color of my skin is different from yours ?

Am I less human, if I don't make a lot of money, or live in a big house on the right side of the tracks, in the so-called "right" part of town?

Am I less human, if I don't go to college, don't buy a large SUV, or don't buy all of the latest electronic gadgets, so I can be defined as a normal and acceptable member of society?

Am I less human, if my ancestors lived in teepees and were labeled as savages, so they could be murdered, and massacred, for defending their native homeland against foreign invaders who stole their land, stole their culture and stole their language in the name of their GOD?

Am I less human, if my ancestors were brought over on slave ships against their will, to be bought, sold and traded like cattle, and forced to work against their will for no pay -- As your slaves?

Am I less human, if my ancestors came from south of the border, and still might have some relatives living there today?

Am I less human, if I don't talk like you do, speak your language, or because you don't understand my language?

Am I less human, if my definition of marriage is different than yours?

Am I less human, if I believe those words that say "all men are created equal" or where it says "let there be liberty and justice for all"?

Am I less human, if I don't believe in your GOD, or because my GOD doesn't have the same name as your GOD?

Am I less human, because I don't believe you have the right to steal, kill, beat, rape, enslave and massacre in the name of your GOD; And then you have the gall to tell me that I am less human than you are? So that you can continue to steal, kill, rape, beat, enslave and massacre in the name of your God?

Am I less human, because I refuse to no longer accept your lies, your abuses, your wars, your atrocities, and your hypocrisies done in the name of your God?

Am I less human than you are, just because "YOU SAY " I am less human than you are?

AM I ?


Throughout our so called "civilized human" history it has always been taught, if one group or race of people, can make other humans in their group or race believe, that another group or race of humans are "less human" than they are, then they feel like they automatically have the God-given right to steal, kill, beat, rape, incarcerate, enslave, annihilate and massacre, another's group or race, of men, women, and children at their will!!

With All This Being Done In Their Name Of "Their God", It Makes It Perfectly Legal and Justified For Them, To Do, What Ever They Want, To Whom Ever They Want, When Ever They Want, Where Ever They Want, Throughout the world.

Sadly it's still happening in our world today, maybe even to you, RIGHT NOW!!!!

Originally posted: 2009-AUG-05
Latest update: 2009-AUG-05
Author: Bob Allen

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