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An essay donated by a reader to this website

Theological Determinism and Homosexuality

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Many people believe that homosexuality is a conscious choice; that we choose to be attracted to our own gender. I firmly believe that it is not a choice and in this essay I will be not only contesting the opinion that it is a choice, but also introducing the themes of free will and Satan into the discussion in order to ‘put my point across.’ During this essay I will be relying on the assumptions that God is omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent, in the way that I understand these terms (all knowing, all powerful, all good).

If we take it as true that God is omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent, then we must also agree that homosexuality is not a choice and that God created people with their sexuality.

I’ll begin with this: God is omniscient. He knows all and sees all. Therefore, when he creates each of us, he knows that we will be gay, or straight or bisexual or whatever sexuality we are, because he made us that way. We therefore have no 'choice' in the matter because God has already decided what we are going to be like. Even if God did not ‘create’ us with our sexuality, due to his omniscience, he would know if we would ‘choose’ to be gay or not even before he created us. Ask yourself: If God knew exactly what we would do, why would he create a homosexual person? There would be no point in ‘seeing what he did with his life’ since God would already know. Ergo, we have no choice but to brand God sadistic. If He would create a person who he knew would suffer in the end (due to internalised homophobia and outside negative influences) then we must also acknowledge that God did this for no [positive] reason, other than to watch them suffer, attempt to repent and ultimately fail. In any case, the concept of 'people choosing sexuality’ is just an illusion due to the fact that God knows all and God created every single one of us. We cannot 'choose' one of our own free will, we will always end up with the one that we were destined to have. If God created us, then he must have also decided what sexuality we would have. With Him being omniscient, there is no room for 'choice' or a random genetic mutation dictating our sexuality.

This leads me nicely onto my second point, and the theme of Satan and homosexuality. One cannot argue the existence of Satan as one who does evil deeds, if one also holds the Bible's claims of God to be omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent as true. Satan cannot be blamed for making 'evil' gay people because if God was indeed benevolent, surely he would merely reverse the devil's ‘wicked’ work and make us straight. Also, God is all powerful, so obviously this would be within his power and with Him being omnipotent, he would know everyone who was gay and so be able to ‘make them straight.’ The fact that people are gay must mean that Satan is not to blame for the 'evilness' that is homosexuality either. Also, the mere existence of an evil Satan suggests that God cannot get rid of him, when according to his three qualities (omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent) it is perfectly within his power. If God does indeed possess these three qualities then it must be accepted that Satan acts with God’s permission and that God knew what Satan would do and what he would be like, even before Satan was created. If the devil did indeed create homosexuals, then it must be acknowledged that God has no issues with homosexuality due to the fact that God allowed the devil to do this.

There are many commands and instructions in the Bible which we, as a society do not follow any more. Some, God told us to stop listening to; others, we stopped obeying due to our needs as a whole, a society. God knew that we would stop obeying his instructions even before he made them. If he did not want us to adjust and disregard some of his previous instruction, he would have made it obvious at the time when he gave us these ‘laws.’ Not doing so indicates that God knows that our needs will adjust as our society and level of sophistication also adjusts. Consider this. In biblical times, there were few people, especially since our family trees originate with only two people, Adam and Eve. With this in consideration, could it not be true that homosexual practices were forbidden in order to populate the world and secure human dominance on Earth. God would not have placed the concept of homosexuality into this world if He did not want people to practice it; seeing as it would have made perfect sense to leave it out if he despised the concept as much as many Christians (not all) make out.

Our Lord has made no conscious effort to ‘turn’ homosexuals into heterosexuals. If he had, he would have been successful (due to His omnipotence) and we would know about it. Similarly, God did not create the concept of homosexuality to test our love for him, because he would have known even before he created it that people would be gay. Therefore, he would be willing damning people to hell, even before they were created and He would be conscious of who would be damned as well. God obviously wouldn’t want his creations to be sent to eternal damnation (due to his benevolence) and so the only logical conclusion is that God accepts and, ultimately creates, homosexuals.
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Originally posted: 2008-SEP-11
Latest update: 2008-SEP-11

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