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Atheist web sites:

bullet American Atheists has a home page at:

bullet An Atheist web site titled "Other thoughts" is in the Russian language and is well worth visiting if you can read that language See:
bullet The Atheist Empire at: is a large site devoted to Atheism with sections describing Atheism; shopping, movie, and other guides; news; reference material; poetry; humor, etc. One of their features is The Atheism Directory.
bullet The Atheist Republic at: is a very active, multilingual web site with a gallery of images, quotations, multiple blogs, a store, multiple forums, etc. Particularly helpful is an essay "Atheism vs Agnosticism: What is the difference?" at:
bullet Celebrity Atheists, Agnostics, and skeptics are listed at:  
bullet Facebook has a series of automatically generated pages based on what Facebook users are interested in. They have a page about "Atheist" at

bullet I Am An Atheist is a humorous web site on Atheism. See It is well worth reading. Consider the following exchange about Pascal's Wager:

"Christian: If you believe in God and are wrong, then it's no big deal, but if you don't believe in God and are wrong, you'll be punished eternally, so it's not a good idea to be an atheist.

Atheist: "What if you're wrong that God prefers unthinking self-righteous toadies to honest people who try and live a good life?"

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bullet The Gathering has question and answers, books for parents, pages of links, etc. See:

bullet The Houston Church of Freethought is a fellowship of unbelievers. "It was conceived as an alternative to the conventional faith-based religious organizations. The benefits of traditional church membership are offered to those who are uncomfortable with supernatural beliefs: community and fellowship with those of like mind, a vehicle for personal growth and fulfillment, affirmation of a naturalistic view of the world as a positive life choice for individuals and families, and a sense of belonging within the larger community." See:


The Internet Infidels site maintains the Secular Web at: They seek to:

"... level the playing field by offering arguments and evidence challenging supernatural beliefs. In an ocean of religious confusion, help us maintain a drop of sanity!" The infidels:

bullet promote secularism,

bullet give access to various secular organizations, books and periodicals, and

bullet update readers with news of attacks on basic freedoms by religious groups

They have a section on Atheism at:

bullet The Net Atheists maintains an enormous list of links to web pages by Atheists at: Unfortunately, most are to inactive web sites.
bullet The North Texas Church of Freethought has many Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, and individuals who "form opinions about religion independently of tradition, authority or established belief" (Webster's New World Dictionary). Their address is in Arlington, TX. See:

bullet R/atheism is "the web's largest atheist forum. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome..." See:

bullet The Secular Web is owned and operated by Internet Infidels, Inc. See:

bullet On You Tube, a search for "Atheist" produced over 1.2 million results; "Atheism"produced over a half million! One example involves neurologist V.S. Ramachandran explaining the case of split-brain patients with one hemisphere without a belief in a god, and the other with a belief in a god. See:

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Book search at

The following books are the result of a search for books on Atheism at the web site:

Christian books that attempt to refute Atheism:

bulletBooks by conservative Christians: Conservative Christians may find these helpful. Atheists may also, because the books might help them get into the mindset of conservative Christians.


"Faith with Reason: Why Christianity is True" is a 110 page book by Joseph Farinaccio that has been posted to a web site with the permission of BookSpecs Publishing.  According to the publisher, the book " geared towards those who want to get to the heart  of worldview disputes between Christians and unbelievers. ... [It] Offers readers major points to refute     atheism by demonstrating that logic, human rights and meaning in life can only exist within a biblical view of Reality." " Chapter 9 "Atheism and Agnosticism" starts on Page 69. It is a 734 KB PDF file, so it may load slowly.

bullet book cover David Berlinski, "The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions," Basic Books, (2009). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover Patrick Glynn, "God, The Evidence: The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in a Postsecular World," Prima Publishing, (1997). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover J.P. Moreland & Kai Nielsen. "Does God Exist: The Debate between Theists and Atheists," Prometheus Books, (1993).Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover Ravi Zacharias, "The Real Face of Atheism," Baker Books, (2004). Read reviews or order this book

bullet book cover Ravi Zacharias, "Can Man Live Without God?" Word Publishing, (1996). Read reviews or order this book

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bullet News feed of current topics of interest to Atheists
bullet More books on Atheism
bullet See additional books for children and teens

bullet A link to the Atheist Republic's list of movies with an Atheist theme

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