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Three starter books, two really funny
books, and additional books on Atheism.

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See also a list of's books on Atheism, and
a list of Christian books that attempt to refute Atheism.

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Three starter books on Atheism:

   Guy P. Harrison, "50 reasons people give for believing in a god." Read reviews or order this book safely from's online book store

We recommend this book because it gently analyzes reasons for believing in a god or gods and then attempts to show the weakness of each "proof."  In contrast, many of the other books on Atheism aggressively denigrate theism and belittle believers in god(s).

  Victor J Stenger, "God: The Failed Hypothesis. How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist," Prometheus Books, (2007). Read reviews or order this book

We recommend this book to people with a knowledge of physics. It attempts to show how scientific observations and logic make belief in God unnecessary and perhaps unreasonable.

  Udo Schuklenk & Russell Blackford, "50 voices of disbelief," Wiley-Blackwell, (2009). Read reviews or order this book

We strongly recommend this book for people who are keen to learn of the full range of Atheist beliefs.

The book contains 50 personal stories by academics, scientists, authors, media personnel and politicians about why they are or became Atheists, Included are essays by Susan Blackmore, A.C. Grayling, Joe Haldeman, Graham Oppy, Peter Singer, and Michael Tooley. Two customers rated the book at 5 stars out of a maximum of 5:
bullet"Hande Z" wrote:
"This is a very refreshing and stimulating book for three reasons. First, It was written by 50 authors - some philosophers, some physical scientists, some biologists, some science writers and some journalists. The diversity of the authors' background provide an exhilarating multiview of the subject, the non-existence of god. Secondly, the individual contributions were written in short, precise, and lucid styles. The reader will have his pick as to which would be his favorite pieces. I like Stephen Law's bold assertion that one can easily prove the non-existence of god; and he did so in fine surgical manner, cutting away the assertions of god's existence. Adele Mercier's critical analysis of the first and second orders of belief was fascinating, pointedly stating that 'most people who claim to have religious beliefs have scarcely ever analyzed the contents of their belief, and indeed are reluctant to do so, even when prompted.' She explained that the belief in the existence of god is a first order belief; the belief that one's belief in god is a second order belief. She employed the two orders of belief to explain persuasively why theists always end up with non-answers when questioned about their god. Victor Stenger exposed the ignorance of science of some Christian apologists such as Michael Craig; and in the case of Craig, a stubborn persistence in repeating a false claim even when proven wrong (see pg.113) Some of the authors like Tamas Pataki injected a bit of their personal experience and early introduction to religion, explaining how their came to reject the belief in god. The third reason I found this book to be refreshing is that none of the 50 voices came from either Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, or Sam Harris. This is a very handy book for atheists, born-again atheists, and people wishing to learn more before they accept or reject the belief in god.

bulletF. Ramos wrote:
"In this rare batch of Atheistic testimonials, you will find insights from Atheists who are very reasonable to 'religion' and even to the 'religious,' with some horrible diatribes against 'religion' too. This book can be taken as a sociological study of Atheism and see manifestations of Atheism in these people's lives. As can be expected of anyone who is human, some of the multiple perspectives among fellow Atheists will be complimentary and contradictory, subjective and objective, rational and irrational, wise and foolish, great and small, philosophical and 'scientific', insightful and obsolete, long and short, true and false, tolerant and intolerant, caring and indifferent, loving and hating, liberating and burdening, even discriminating and accepting on a few too. What can we say? They are human too of course.

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Two really, really, funny books:

Book cover image Dromedary Hump, "The Atheist Camel Chronicles: Debate Themes and Arguments for the Non-Believer (and those who think they might be)." Read reviews or order this book Amazon customers rate this book with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Amazon sells it for $15.99 in paperback format, and 9.95 in Kindle Ebook format.

Ms. Hump (or Mr. Hump; we are not sure of the gender of the author) has produced a hilarious book of humorous and witty descriptions taken from her/his blog. They are absolutely delightful arguments useful to Atheists, Agnostics ... and also for Theists who want to be prepared for challenges from secularists. A real delight! Caution: Be careful where you read this book. You may find yourself helplessly rolling around on the floor in laughter. So check for sharp objects in advance.

image of book cover  Bart Centre as Dromedary Hump. "The Atheist Camel Rants Again: More arguments and observations from the atheist front." Read reviews or order this book Amazon customers rate this book with five stars, the maximum rating. List price is $15.99. Amazon sells it for $11.51 in paperback format, and 9.99 in Kindle Ebook format. review:

"He’s back, and his camelus dromedarius disposition hasn’t mellowed. In this sequel to the popular The Atheist Camel Chronicles, Dromedary Hump (Aka, Bart Centre) delivers one-hundred essays on a medley of religious themes important to freethinkers and atheist activists. Drawn from the best of his writings, each short chapter chronicles real-life observations, poignant commentary on topical issues, and flights of fictional fancy that critically explore the havoc religion-think and the theistically afflicted impose on all of us. Unique in the genre, this book touts no theory or esoterica. Every chapter supplies the reader with easily absorbed, thought-provoking insights designed to educate, stimulate activism, and prepare the freethinker to challenge even some of the most inventive religionist precepts and apologetics. Messrs. Centre’s /Hump’s inimitable style combines sarcasm, humor, irony, unabashed bluntness, and more than a pinch of snarkiness, making The Atheist Camel Rants Again! hard to put down and harder still to forget."

More books by Atheists:

bulletLouise M Antony, Ed., "Philosophers without Gods: Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life," Oxford University Press, (2007). Read reviews or order this book


Karmak Bagisbayev, "The Last Faith: a book by an atheist believer," CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, (2016). Read reviews or order this book The author's autobiography and blog are at

bulletDan Barker, "Losing faith in faith: From preacher to Atheist," Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc., (1992). Read reviews or order this book

bulletRichard Dawkins, "The God Delusion," Houghton Mifflin, (2006). Read reviews or order this book

bulletDaniel C. Dennett, "Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon" Viking Adult, (2006). Read reviews or order this book

bulletSam Harris:

bullet"Letter to a Christian nation," Knopf, (2006). Read reviews or order this book

bullet"The End of Faith: Religion, terror and the future of reason," W. W. Norton, (2005). Read reviews or order this book

bulletChristopher Hitchens, "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything," Twelve Books, Hachette Book Group, (2007). Read reviews or order this book

bulletJack Huberman, "The Quotable Atheist: Ammunition for Non-Believers, Political Junkies, Gadflies, and Those Generally Hell-Bound," Nation Books, (2006) Read reviews or order this book

bulletDouglas Krueger, "What is Atheism? A short introduction," Prometheus Books, (1998). Read reviews or order this book

bulletMichael Martin:

bullet "Atheism: A Philosophical Justification," Temple University Press, (1992). Read reviews or order this book

bulletMichael Martin, "Atheism, Morality, and Meaning (Prometheus Lecture Series)," Prometheus Books, (2002). Read reviews or order this book

bulletDavid Mills, "Atheist Universe: The Thinking Person's Answer to Christian Fundamentalism," Ulysses Press, (2006). Read reviews or order this book

bulletMichael Onfray, "Atheist Manifesto: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam," Arcade Publishing, (2007). Read reviews or order this book

bulletGeorge Smith, "Atheism: The case against God,"  Prometheus Books, (1980). Read reviews or order this book

bulletGordon Stein, "The Second Anthology of Atheism and Rationalism (Skeptic's Bookshelf)," Prometheus Books, (1988). Read reviews or order this book

A search at for books about Atheism:

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A guide for Atheist parents:

book cover image Dale McGowan, Ed., "Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion," American Management Association (2007). Read reviews or order this book

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