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An essay donated by Troy Bakel

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As an engineering consultant I have worked the past 25 years on every continent except South America and Antarctica. I have been able to work among all the different religions I encountered because I have no organized religion. The religion of my motherís people was outlawed by the Christian government of the United States in 1883.

When I inform the inquisitor of this fact they are always stunned. They can be Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or Buddhist and my answer to their questions regarding my faith always catches them up short.

If it is a devotee of Christian asking the questions, my answer is not believed until I mention the Indian Religious Freedoms Act of 1978. Every time I have given this answer the recipient has not believed me until they researched the legislation.

Many times I have had to point out that the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 gave my people the same rights as American Christians with the exception of religion, so my religion was basically taken away in 1883 and then denied me as one of my rights in 1968. When my religion was given back in 1978 it was a little too late for it to have an impact on how I worship the Creator.

My ancestors learned, as a conquered people, not to keep something in the open that the Christians would want or fear. So my motherís people adapted spiritually in a fashion that made us come closer to the Creator.

When you cut away the ceremony and hierarchy of an organized religion you are left with the question of how do I as an individual alone worship the Creator. To some of my people the answer was Christianity, to others such as my mother, this choice made no common sense. Only a religion that was not the true religion of the Creator would be insecure enough and vain enough to outlaw another religion. Upon further thought my motherís people realized that organized religion in and of itself was most likely just human vanity manifested in its most horrible form.

So here is how I worship the Creator, as passed on to me by my mother who had no preacher, no book, no church, no human interdiction between her and her Creator:

bulletYour soul is the breath of the Creator.
bulletYour wisdom is built upon the foundation of instincts given to you by the Creator at birth. You develop your wisdom using what the Creator gave you, what your ancestors pass on to you and the lessons you learn on the way to achieving your destiny.
bulletNo one but you stands between you and the Creator. No church, no book, no congregation, no individual but yourself can lead you to a relationship with the Creator. No one but you represents you in the eyes of the Creator.
bulletThe Creator is a fact not a belief.
bulletWhen you pray to the Creator you pray alone and in the world that was created for you, not in the world (a building or church) created by you.
bulletWhen you pray to the creator, you give thanks for what you have been given and what you have achieved with the instincts, skill and reasoning the creator has given you. You do not ask for gifts, wealth, fame, or even help. You have been given what is necessary to achieve what needs to be achieved, to ask for help is vain and self serving.
bulletIn your soul, you know what is right and what is wrong. Listen to your soul for it is the breath of the Creator.
bulletThe Creator made all cultures and races of people and provided each with their own customs and way of life. This means that people will develop a relationship with the Creator in their own fashion. You are to accept their fashion, religion, and beliefs. You are to remember that the Creator made all the colors of the earth with no one color being the only color liked by the Creator, in the same way you will accept all the different paths people take to the Creator. An act of challenging anotherís path is proof that you are either vain, insecure or both and are not listening to your soul.

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Originally posted: 2005-DEC-26
Latest update: 2005-DEC-26
Author: Troy Bakel

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