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Jesus is the only way to be
saved: an exclusivist position

An essay donated by William Blanton

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Salvation is only through Jesus: an exclusivist view:

It appears that this website accepts everything that appears to be good. It ascribes to everything and to nothing. All of the religions it mentions seem to believe in a god or many gods, or no god. You It believes in the inherent goodness of man, but there is none.

How does one get to
Heaven, if everyone is right and nobody is wrong? Why are there more Christians in the world than any other religion? Why are there so many people looking for the easy way to get to Heaven? What is situation ethics? Are these people right or wrong?

I have never seen so many people working so hard to get to Hell. Why?

All roads do not lead to Rome. The beliefs of thousands of different religions are not going to get you to Heaven. You have done your homework well and spent much time in finding the good in all religions that espouse love of their fellow man. and I have no problem with this. But it is not what is demanded for eternal life.

We were given brains to think, but thinking is not the answer to faith and eternal life.

It seems to me that all of these different religions, except Christianity, are trying to make life here on Earth the ultimate goal, without much planning for the future after death. God set forth the standards for eternal life through the sacrifice of his son to die on a cross for our sins. Until people come to point in their lives that they see this, they are lost.

Man is is competitive and wants to win. So it is with salvation. There is only one way to win and it is by the rules. There cannot be thousands of sets of rules to win there can only be one set. This is simplistic but true. You can only get to Heaven by one way, and that is through acceptance of
Jesus Christ.

The one big difference in all these religions is that in Christianity a person must choose to accept Christ and let him lead them to eternal
salvation. One has to give up some things in order to follow . This is hard to do unless you let Jesus guide the way and become submissive to his will. This is the ringer for many people in all these other religions. They do not want to give up all they have and follow Christ. Giving up everything is what God may ask of you in order to follow him.

No one can explain Christian faith to someone using historical facts that can be proven. Faith involves turning your life over to God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. You cannot prove these entities. It must come from your heart and you must feel it in your heart or it is not real. You cannot prove it because it is in your heart. Just because someone is kind to others and to animals does not make them automatically eligible to eternal life. Many cruel men have been perceived as kind and friendly.

The two great truths are:

bullet Religion does not save anyone in and of itself.
bullet You cannot prove Christianity.

I will end this with a thought provoking statement? If all these other religions are right we all win and nobody loses. However, if Christianity is the right way then Christians have won and everyone else will have lost everything. The difference is Christians are working and willing to die to help spread the Word of God and the Plan of Salvation so that no one will be lost.

May God be with you.

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Posted: 2006-AUG-28
Last update: 2006-AG-29
Author: William A Blanton

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