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An essay contributed by John Bogard

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Economics go wrong, politics are rotten, religions are crumbling down, science is getting out of breath...., such seems to be, in a few words, the present situation of the main intellectual human activities. While the industrialized world sinks into pessimistic apathy, some people in poor countries regain hope in a new ideal or an ideal which is reborn out of its ashes, but which has some links with a certain conception of man and his role in the universe. Furthermore, some minorities in rich countries are going back to humanist, or even religious, philosophies, so as to regain hope.

When facing all these resurgences of ideals into our present world, we can wonder whether these philosophies do reflect the truth, and whether they do bring a real hope for the future of the human species. If they do, then why did the human race fail to discover them and to put them into practice at an earlier date? Or would we have reached such a degree of perfection of human intelligence that we would at last be able to find the solution to our problems, to discover the key to the mystery of the universe? Would we really be the only beings to understand the cosmic system, would we be the final outcome of thousands of years of intellectual and spiritual researches?

" History is a never-ending beginning", said a philosopher; would we be, on the contrary, nothing but a single link in this vicious circle, nothing but one more stage in that endless screw? Do we therefore only have to perpetuate the beliefs of our ancestors, without trying to explain them, since all we do is dance in a ring? In fact, is it really important for us to follow certain ideals, and how can we choose them, since those of our predecessors seem so varied, and, since, even without any philosophy, we carry on living?

To answer these questions, all we have to do is go back to History, but study all that heritage of the past in a new light, getting rid of all that can hinder a clear analysis of these facts, in a word, putting mentally aside - would it only be for the few instants we spend reading these lines - all the ideas and reflexes that various conditionings can have printed upon our minds since their awakening on this earth.

Let us therefore forget the religious and social myths learnt since childhood, the appearances taught by the experience of life, and the beliefs acquired at the contact of past and present beings. Let us make a clean sweep in our minds, let us put away all preconceived ideas, and only keep the memory of facts, and then go back to the very beginning, quite a long time before the appearance of man on earth.

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John Bogard's message continues at:


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Copyright © 2001 by John Bogard
Originally submitted: 2001-OCT-25
Latest update: 2004-JUL-6
Author: John Bogard

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