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Book lists:

  • Amazon.com provides lists of:
  • Barnes & Noble provides a list of Religious and inspiration books: At the left side of that list are links to the following sub-topics:
    • Apocrypha
    • Bibles - Bible Stories & Individual Books of the Bible
    • Bibles - Bible Versions
    • Bibles - Specialty Bibles
    • Bibles - Study & Reference Bibles
    • Biblical Figures - Bible Studies
    • Commentaries - New Testament
    • Commentaries - Old Testament
    • Criticism & Interpretation - Bible Studies
    • General & Miscellaneous Bible Studies
    • Language Studies - Bible Studies
    • Literary Studies - Bible Studies
    • New Testament Studies
    • Old Testament Studies
    • Reference - Bible Studies
    • Study Guides, Bible - New Testament
    • Study Guides, Bible - Old Testament
    • Study Guides, Bible - Topical
    • Theology - Bible Studies.

    • Barnes & Noble also provides a list of free NOOK books, most of which are not religious

  • Christianbook.com's home page has a BROWSE column at the left side of the page listing 38 links to books sorted by topic, from Academic to Videos.

  • PDFLand.net lists public domain books which can be downloaded from their web site in PDF format at: https://pdfland.net/

  • Book cover image Shelly Hitz has written a book titled "How to Find Free Christian Books Online." It is available in Kindle format. Read reviews or order this book safely from Amazon.com online book store. On 2021-MAY-05, the book was free, and had been so for many years.

  • Publishers Weekly distributes a free monthly newsletter titled "Religion Bookline." It contains: "News, features, columns, reviews, author interviews, market-segment bestseller lists and more." See: http://www.publishersweekly.com/ to subscribe.

  • Publishers Weekly also has regular columns on their web site at: http://publishersweekly.com/ that shows
    • The current "Kindle Singles Bestseller" by Amazon.com;

    • "Most Popular" list of the bestselling books of the current year (so far);

    • "Bestsellers" in various genres.

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Prepared by B.A. Robinson
Originally posted: 2005-NOV-16
Latest update: 2021-MAY-05
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