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We occasionally get Emails asking where we spend our money. The following were our expenses for 2003, as reported in our Canadian "Statement of Professional Activities" income tax form, (T2032). Values are rounded to the nearest dollar. We will update this chart in 2005-APR when we have completed our income taxes for the year 2004.

Since the vast majority of our site visitors are Americans, we have converted our cost in Canadian dollars to their currency so that they can get a better idea of the sums involved. We used a ratio of $1.00 American to $1.40 Canadian, which was the average for the year 2003. 1

Item Cost ($CDN)

Cost ($US)


Rent (incl. utilities) 76


Bad debts 0 0  
Business tax, fees, memberships... 936 669  
Shipping costs 277 198  
Interest 9 6  
Maintenance & Repairs 34


Motor vehicle expense 5,335


Office expenses 11,735 8,382 Mainly book purchases
Office supplies 1,098 784  
Telephone & utilities 4,524 3,231 Mainly ISP costs
Other expenses 215 154  
Capital cost allowance 2,730 1,950 From capital purchases
TOTAL $26,969 $19,262  

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Our financial goals:

Eventually, we hope to reorganize the OCRT as a non-profit agency, and register it with the Government of Canada as a charitable organization. That way, we would be able to give income tax receipts, at least to our Canadian donors. Unfortunately, they only register those religious charities which teach the existence of God. Apparently any God or pantheon of Gods will do. We appear to not qualify because we don't "teach" about the existence of any one God or Gods. We just discuss what others believe about God(s) and Goddess(es). In Canada, we do not have a 1st Amendment to our Constitution which guarantees that the government will not evaluate religions and religious groups. Pity. The 1st Amendment has served the U.S. very well indeed. The government is reviewing its policies towards registering charities. But they are moving with the speed of a canal horse.

In early 2004, we hired our first staff member -- a part-time office manager. This has freed up the rest of us to do creative work on the web site: updating existing essays and adding new essays. Our short-term goal is to be able to continue this staff member as a permanent position. Our very long range goal is to pay a salary to our main author and coordinator so that the OCRT can hire a replacement religious generalist at a reasonable wage when our present author is no longer able to serve, either through burnout, disability, or death. He is currently 67 years of age. Only then will group be likely to continue into the future.

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Reference used:

  1. "Exchange rates,"

Last update: 2004-JUL-18

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