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Canadian Religion/State Conflict:

Conflict involving Canada Christian College
& School of Graduate Theological Studies:

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The college was founded by an individual who Martin Regg Cohn, the Ontario Politics Columnist at the Toronto Star newspaper referred to as "Dr." Elmer McVety. Their quotation marks implied that he was what they called "a preacher of questionable provenance." The Toronto Star once published a series of stories discussing the College's "fundraising improprieties" over the years.

By the year 2020, Elmer McVety's son, "Dr." Charles McVety had taken over leadership of the College. The Ontario Provincial government under Premier Ford passed legislation expanding the college's degree granting powers, in spite of some people's doubts about the quality of education that graduates receive on campus. The college is now seeking university status.

The son's leadership in the college has been criticized in the Ontario legislature as a:

"Gay-baiting, Islam-hating bigot with a Bible and a duious doctorate."

Martin Regg Cohn, the Ontario Politics Columnist at the Toronto Star newspaper: said:

The son ... lost his TV "program when the Christian broadcaster CTS dropped his show after the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council condemned his 'malevolent, insidious and conspiratorial' remarks about LGBTQ+ targets."

Harry Fisher wrote Cohn:

"I was the Deputy Minister of Education and Colleges and Universities during the last few years when Bill Davis was premier. The political top-down initiative you so clearly describe made me think that the McVety example might be getting us closer to the Trump theatre of political posturing next door."

"The [proper] channel for considering the Canada Christian College as a university in Ontario should have risen as a request by the university-college community in Ontario to our (present) government, and not from a top-down, political direction."

Rick Donaldson, chief of staff at the Ontario Government's Ministry of Colleges and Universities, complained about the College's request to be upgraded to a university. He wrote to his local Member of the Provincial Parliament, Rudy Cuzzetto:

"It is totally inappropriate for your Government to bury critical legislative changes into an omnibus bill on the COVID-19 virus. I used to deal with Charles McVety and his father Elmer during my days in the minister’s office in the early 1980s. Their college does not merit nor deserve university status for their inappropriate and out of sync position with today’s Ontario. ... I trust you will stand up to this kind of political opportunism."

Copyright © 2020 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2020-NOV-03
Author: B.A. Robinson

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