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An essay donated by Anna-maria Alexiou

Celvital living ~ the alternative
to selfishness. What is it exactly?

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Celvital is the unconditional act of putting one’s self and need’s first. To look after yourself first, while doing nothing from selfishness but with humanity in mind. Seemingly a mixture of self-care, selfishness and humanitarianism combined. Ensuring that you remember that you are first in your world and that you can not give anything that you do not have. It is vital that people understand the prime importance of honouring yourself and ensuring that your mind, body and soul remain in great health.

Let’s say that your friend calls you and asks for help. They advise you that they are only 5 minutes away. You are at home preparing dinner for the family, baths for the children are being organized and you are on schedule, which is fantastic considering the exhaustion that you have been suffering all day. If you were to help your friend (as you normally would do) you would rush and end up feeling further flustered using the last of your energy, your evening routine would be out of order and your family would then be affected. Though your friend needs help and is close by it is your celvital to say no. They may be upset or non understanding. This does not need to burden you. You are not selfish in looking after yourself first, your family come before others and you are celvital for thinking of them. True friendships will not be affected by your celvital. It is impossible to keep everyone else happy all the time and it is up to each of us to remember that we are responsible for our own happiness. Those who are truly understanding of you will accept you through all your phases of life.

One evening I was discussing life with companions Galina Miller and Nicholas Keith. I asked the question ‘What is the opposite of selfish’? Neither had an answer for me. I explained that since having children the importance of putting myself first became evident. That when I discussed this method of lifestyle with other mothers at my child's school, the only term I was able to use was that I was a selfish mum, that I loved my children but I was first in my world. I am far from selfish though, so this term never sat well with me. We three discussed the idea in length and played with the wording of my question. This is how the following phrase was born.:

"The unconditional act of putting one’s self and need’s first. To look after yourself first, while doing nothing from selfishness but with humanity in mind."

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The following day the amazement of what we had discovered weighed on my mind heavily. How has society come so far and not yet come across this concept? What was the word for this concept? Could we be wrong? A survey was formed and the question was asked to everyone I knew and then some. Many words were suggested:

"self preservation, self love, survival instinct, altruism, self involved, self maintenance, unconditional positive regard..."

just to name a few. As I researched the meanings to all of the words that came about from my survey I became more certain that there was no word yet that described the newly founded term.

That same day I heard the term for the question in mind, celvital. An explanation as to why the term was to be celvital came next:

  • " S" for selfish was more of a snake sound,

  • "cel" reminds us that we are cellular beings,

  • the letter "c" has a softer appeal than the s also.

  • "Vital" explains the absolute necessity of this meaning.

This is how "celvital" was born. I ran to my computer and I looked up the word celvital, it was not yet in any dictionary.

My amazement continued to grow. I had to continue with my research survey. As my research continued I noticed a pattern forming. There were only three categories that my data fell into:

  • The first was those who suggested a word that did not suffice.

  • The second were those who commented statements such as ‘you are not selfish Anna; you are selfless’ ‘Are you ok? I am worried about you’ ‘what is the purpose of this topic’ and my favourite is my mother in-laws ‘we are a good family Anna, if Nicholas is not supporting you let me know’.

  • The third category were those who simply mocked the idea. One dear friend stated that they were God. Another replied with mother, daughter, and wife. The further my research went the more I noticed this pattern of 3 categories that every person fell into.

In the following days I stumbled across the meaning of "Cel Vital" within Numerology. The life path number of Cel Vital is 3. The number 3 in numerology represents a triangle from the union of positive powers of the soul, mind and body. The number 3 is my number also. I was told that this was one of my life quests and that my mission was to have celvital known in all households across the world and to appear in the dictionaries. Once the dictionary was teaching celvital, only then would all categories of people be able to fight against their cognitive dissonance and accept that there was an alternative to selfishness.

The methods on how to live celvital, how to think celvital and how to be celvital are simple. With each decision you make you simply consider your free time, your commitments, your routine, your current health, what it is your family need of you in that time and consider the extent of the help you need to offer. To sum all those up, simply consider yourself first. Sometimes though my cup of energy is only partly full and I will help other people first, there are other factors than need consideration about the person that I am helping. How frequently do they ask for help? How often do they repay kindness? How truly grateful will this person be? Is there someone else better suited for the assistance than you? Is this person a nice or horrible person? Are they desperately in need?

After consideration of yourself it is vital to consider where your help lands. Sometimes we cannot avoid being surrounded by family that is ungrateful and rude. Though celvital wants for you to prioritize helping your family, sometimes the help stops with them. Those people around you who refuse to pay kindness forward, those who never consider humanity, those energy suckers that we all must endure at some stage, the ones who revel on your failures are the ones that you must only consider assisting after deep thought. If you help someone that considers humanity then your kindness will ultimately be paid forward, creating a better civilization. To constantly help someone that is unconditionally selfish is not only rewarding bad behaviour but stops your golden ball of light that is kindness in its tracks. How much energy do you have to give? Perhaps you see the worth in helping evil selfish people who never pay it forward, if you do, then you will consider this when deciding upon your celvital.

We have all heard of the saying ‘It is important to look after yourself first’. Have you considered the reasons why this is true? Without a vibrant energetic you, what have you got to offer? Chances are if you become run down and exhausted, stressed out, or overwhelmed then you do not have the best of yourself to give to others. Now you have another word to describe yourself being first: celvital. When you look after yourself properly everything around you will benefit from you with greater ease. Loving yourself and looking after yourself ensures that you set the standard in which others will treat you. We have all heard that if we are unable to love ourselves then we are unable to be loved. Let’s look at that in a little more depth.

When someone does not love themselves then it is harder to accept other people’s love and kindness without negative thought patters arguing with ourselves. When we disagree that we are worth it and that we are first in our worlds then this reflects to others and you will only be able to accept the same attention from others. Most of us love to give to others and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping others feeds our souls. So why can we not give the same help to ourselves? This could come down to the small things like skipping meals to ensure your routine does not miss a beat. Skipping a meal leads to a lack of energy, a lack of energy means we have less to give. The satisfaction from giving is why we look after others. Because we love to give and get a kick out of seeing others happy? This love of helping should serve ourselves too.

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How can we change the thoughts of being first without arguing with the voices in our heads? Celvital is certain to help. Each time you make a choice you should ask yourself ‘What is my celvital’? For example, the children are crying....again. They have been crying a lot lately, it has just been that cloudy period that all children experience. You are stressed to the max and can feel your blood pressure climbing. You have a dozen things to get done that cannot happen while you have the children attached to your leg crying so loud that you cannot think straight. Do you pick them up and try to stop their crying? Do you try game after game attempting to distract them? Or do you just walk out of the room? Lock yourself in the bedroom or shower and close off the noise without a care? It is not selfish to ignore the noise once in a while, or even more than that, it is celvital. Children will sometimes cry again and again, for no good reason. Children can pick up on the stress levels of a parent and that will cause them further distress. So what looks like a selfish action on the outside to others -- or maybe even yourself -- is actually a celvital action. Once you have taken enough time for yourself to calm down and remember that there are things out of our control, you can go back with a different mindset. Every now and then we may feel we made a bad choice when choosing our celvital. Remember that there is no such thing as a mistake, there is only learning. My bet is that we all make more mistakes when we are overwhelmed so it is vital that we ask our self’s what is our celvital when making a choice rather than just ploughing through life full speed.

With conscious decisions’ comes the ability for self reflection. Self reflection allows growth. Continue to grow with celvital and you will fill your life with love, and you can make your dreams come true.

Are you still not convinced that you want to put yourself first using celvital? How about the fact that your health depends on it! Stress causes serious damage to our body, mind and soul. You probably already have a life experience of stress causing you physical damage that you can relate this to. Relationship stress, financial stress, work stress. Stress is everywhere. Alhough a little stress is okay, too much will wear you down and make you ill. The first step is to recognize your stress so that you can ask yourself the next time what your celvital is before reaching a breaking point.

Stress is different to person. That is why to date there is not one correct method for handling stress. There is now. Celvital will ensure that each person can individualize their stress strategies. Others in your life will quickly catch on to your new rules. We are continuously evolving and it is quite okay to change your methods of stress management. If anyone asks you to explain yourself while you are implementing your new strategies, the reply is simple: ‘It is my celvital to do so’.

Do you need still another reason to put yourself first? How about the fact that practicing celvital will definitely improve all relationships you have in your life. Do you think that people around you cannot see when you are wound up and tired, half asleep and easily distracted? It is safe for me to guess that these people closest to you want for you to be happy and smile more -- even if that means they see you just that little bit less because you have begun to take more time out for yourself? Just as you would want for them to be happy, energized and smiling more, they would want it for you. Do not be afraid to cancel an event to take time out for yourself. Do not be afraid to put yourself first. Take time to do the things that you love in this world, no matter what they are. As long as you are asking yourself what your celvital is you can never go wrong. Living life without regrets generates a peace that we all wish for others, so why not ourselves also? After all, you are the most important thing in your world.

Celvital has touched everyone that has heard it. The word of celvital is growing at a rapid rate. It was founded in 2015-NOV and already being published here for you to read. It has helped with saving a life, rescued friends from despair, assisted with career drama’s, ended relationship problems, battled the unwanted feeling of selfishness. It has reminded people that they are allowed to doubt what they have been taught to believe. It has assured many that we are all constantly evolving. Do your bit for humanity by sharing celvital when you next need to. We all need it every day. The message is out there already, the importance of self care, the vitalness of assisting humanity and the need for an alternative to selfishness. Live with no regrets. Learn who you are with each decision that you make. Celvital will assist you with self reflection. Self reflection equals growth. Celvtial is a 100% free life advancement.

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.
  1. Wikipedia defines "Numerology" as: "... any belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts." See:

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Original posting: 2016-FEB-25
Latest update : 2016-FEB-25
Anna-maria Alexiou

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