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church tower Essays on Christianity in this website:

We have written perhaps a thousand essays on this website that provide in-depth coverage of many different aspects of Christianity, from salvation to the atonement; from biblical passages on homosexuality and bisexuality, to verses dealing with abortion access, and even Bible passages that are considered immoral by today''s cultural standard.

The six essays listed below describe an timeline of Christianity so that a person with little previous knowledge of the religion can obtain an basic understanding of its founders, history and present status. The essays in this section contain many links leading to more detailed coverage of various topics.

Almost all religious web sites on the Internet promote the beliefs of their own webmaster and/or sponsoring organizations. This site one of the very few exceptions. It tries to objectively describe all viewpoints on each topic. As a result, many conservative Christians strongly disagree with our descriptions of liberal Christian beliefs, and vice versa.

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Topics covered in this section:


The main founders of the "Jesus Movement" during the first centurys CE"

  • Part 1: The development of Christianity as viewed by some current Christian denominations, starting with the founder, Yeshua (Jesus):

  • Part 2: The main founders of Christianity: Yeshua (Jesus), James, and Paul.

  • Part 3: Paul, a main founder of Christianity (Cont'd). The development of three main Christian movements in the first centuries CE.

bullet Fragmentation of the Christian movement
bullet Consolidation of Christianity and its later fragmentation
bullet Current status of Christianity

Last updated 2018-JUL-22
Author: B.A. Robinson

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