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Data from public opinion polls
about U.S. adults' religious beliefs

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This section discusses data from public opinion polls. Such data reveals what American adults say that they believe. This sometimes differs from what they actually believeand/or from their faith group's teachings.

Topics covered in this section:

bulletEvents and survey findings with a religious theme:
bullet During 2010
bullet Lies, damn lies and statistics
bullet Reliability of poll data

bulletU.S. Poll results describing:
bullet Religious Beliefs Of U.S. Adults, About Their Own And Other Religions, from 2000 to 2017: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

bullet God's existence & importance; Jesus' second coming

bullet Americans' diverse beliefs about the nature of God: Part 1 Part 2;

These essays are based on the results of the Baylor Religion Survey which found that most Americans have one of four views about God: as being either either an Authoritarian, Benevolant, Critical, or Distant God.

bullet U.S. Polling data: Beliefs about life after death.

bullet About ghosts, salvation, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Astrology, and the literal accuracy of some biblical stories.

bullet In the year 2000: The Ten Commandments, other beliefs, social problems, role of religion, church/state separation
bullet How the public rate clergy honesty & ethics. Stable, changing, unexpected beliefs

bullet Absolute truth

bullet Beliefs of Roman Catholics towards their own and other faiths

bullet Religious beliefs in the U.S. compared with other Christian nations


Beliefs of Americans towards


Prejudice by Americans towards Mormons and Evangelicals Part 1 Part 2

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Related essays in this web site:

bullet Religious practices:
bullet Religious practices

bullet How many people attend church, cathedral, mosque, synagogue or temple in countries around the world?

bullet Religious beliefs:
bullet About the millennium and the second coming of Christ

bullet Divisions among Protestant denominations There are at least two types of Protestants.

bullet Differences between Roman Catholicism and conservative Protestantism There are major gaps; and they are growing.

bullet How U.S. Christians view moral questions

bullet Other topics:
bullet How Christians interpret the Bible Their beliefs differ because of how they view the Bible.

bullet Holy days: A list of seasonal days of celebration and remembrance.

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Author: B.A. Robinson 
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