Christian ethical policies, practices, and symbols

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Religious practices in the U.S.
and in the rest of the world

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Topics discussed in this section:

bullet Miscellaneous items: Personal items, gender differences, church organization,  trends, etc.
bullet How religions established, changed, and continue to change their teachings on slavery, the role of women, sexual orientation, and other topics
bullet Americans and organized religion:

bullet Faith groups in the United States

bullet How Americans identify with various faith groups: << a big section. How do people view themselves religiously? How many change religions. How many regard themselves as Christian? How many couples are inter-faith?.....
bullet Some practices of Christians:
bullet Baptism
bullet The Eucharist (a.k.a. Communion, Mass, Lord's Supper...)
bullet Ethical policies, mottos & symbols
bullet Exorcism from demonic possession and oppression
bullet Ordination of women
bullet Prayer
bullet Speaking in Tongues
bullet Slavery: past support and opposition
bullet Practices of the general population:
bullet North Americans' attendance at religious services

bullet Attendance outside of North America
bullet Divorce

bullet Holy days: A list of seasonal days of celebration and remembrance.

bullet Marriage

bullet Sex

bullet Spanking children

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Graphical state-by-state display of religious affiliation:

USA Today has a very informative graphic of religious affiliation across the U.S. Data comes from the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Past surveys have been conducted in 2001 and 2008. See:

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