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All but one of the following directories and search engines identify themselves as "Christian." This may be confusing to some of their readers, because few of the sites appear to represent the full breadth of Christian thought. Most only cover the conservative wing of Christianity. There are few listings in any of these search engines that are related to mainline or liberal Christianity, or to other religions.

Most of these search engines will not register our web site because:

bullet They require agreement with a conservative Christian statement of faith before they will allow a webmaster's URL to be registered.

bullet They scan our site and decide that they don't want it included in their data base - probably because we include descriptions of both liberal and conservative views on each topic.
Site Name Site URL Search by word, phrase? T1 S2 Comments
CATH - Catholic Search Engine Yes 4 5 Roman Catholic search engine' 10,867 entries
Christian Search Directory**

Yes 0 40 Offers web hosting..
Christian Websites Directory ** No - - Has a Bible search and Bible directory
Cross Canada Search Yes 0 46 Lists only Canadian sites
CrossDaily Yes 3 500 Business directory
FishNet * Yes 0 84 "Internet service for Business and Ministry."
Fundamental Top 500 No - - A list of fundamentalist sites
HIS net # Yes 2 69  
Ultimate Christian Resources # Yes 5 202 Also has a Christian Singles search
We Spread The Word * Yes 3 83 5,800 links sorted by category
Worship House Media * Yes 2 221 Specialist site with videos and prayers

* This search engine restricts listings to sites that meet their theological beliefs. They exclude our web site, for example.

** We unsuccessfully attempted to register our site on 2000-FEB-24

# Our web site is (or was once) listed in this search engine.

Note T1: Number of hits using the search string "Tolerance." Since liberal groups tend to be more interested in this topic, the number of hits might indicate the site's philosophy. e.g. conservative, mainline, liberal.

Note S2: Number of hits using the search string "Salvation." This is a popular topic and may give an idea of the size of a data base.

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Some search engines that let us use their icons as links:

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Author: B.A. Robinson
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