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About the Bible

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About the Bible:

bullet The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament): Languages, authors, sources, hidden codes...
bullet Stories in the Hebrew Scriptures Creation, the fall/rise of humanity, the flood, genocides
bullet Christian gospels, epistles, etc. -- in and out of the Christian Scriptures (New Testament)
bullet How the Bible is interpreted
bullet Examples: interpreting the same passage in different ways
bullet Are the Bible's moral teachings still valid and meaningful today?
bullet Is the Bible inerrant?
bullet "Misquoting Jesus:" Who altered the Bible? A review of Bart Ehrman's book by the same name.
bullet Harmonizing apparent conflicts in the Bible
bullet Were the Bible's authors inspired by the Holy Spirit?
bullet Bible versions
bullet Tools for searching and studying the Bible
bullet Downloadable copies of the Bible and other Christian material

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Useful references:

  1. Research-Bible has created a unique program for Bible study and research.
    bullet It includes Strong's Concordance, Dictionary and Commentaries.
    bullet It will translate Old English into Modern English.
    bullet It plots, marks, analysis, and graphically displays information in a unique and original manner.
    bullet It works on all PC operating systems, Windows 98 and later.

    You can learn more about this program at Mention Rebate Code #1287 and receive a $5.00 rebate if you purchase the program !

  2. Bible HQ maintains links to many other web sites that discuss the Bible, its content, history and translations. See:
  3. Re Author has a list of links on the topic of "Author of the Bible" at:

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