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Christian web sites with inaccurate descriptions of Wicca

Balaam's Ass Publishing

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URL: This website by Steve Van Nattan has been replaced by a website for Steve's Piano Service. Some of the essays from Balaams Ass were allegedly transferred to the Blessed Quiteness Journal at However, it is a massive site that has a fatal error -- it does not include an internal search engine. We have been unable to find the essays on Wicca. We have written for help from Van Nattan but do not expect a response.

The original web site attacked Wiccans and members of many other faith groups. Until we can find whether his original essays were preserved, this essay will deal with the Balaams-ass website as it existed in the mid 2000s.

One essay was titled "Ode to Laurie Cabot."  It implies that Laurie Cabot, a well-known Witch from Salem, MA, may not be a genuine witch "unless she has sacrificed animal minimum [sic] to Satan or Lucifer. That is a fact well known to the Craft, and they hate for this story to be exposed."

In reality, Ms. Cabot, and other Wiccans, do not recognize the existence of either Satan or Lucifer. Thus, they could hardly worship them as deities. They do not sacrifice animals. They might hold a ritual involving the carving of a piece of fruit, but nothing higher on the evolutionary scale. There is one item of truthfulness in the essay: Wiccans really do object to the accusation that Wiccans sacrifice animals or humans. But it is because the story is completely false, not because they are afraid of being exposed.

The site also had an essay "Wicca and Satanism: Satan is their common lord and master."  Van Nattan refers to "Wicca's practice of sacrificing animals and babies." No evidence is cited for these very serious accusations.

He "proves" that Wiccans are Satanists, using a number of Biblical quotations. for example:

bullet John 8:44: This is a well known Biblical passage in which Jesus is alleged to have addressed the Pharisees, a large Jewish sect in 1st century Palestine. Jesus is quoted as saying that the Pharisees "are of your father the devil." This phrase has fueled much of the anti-Semitic oppression in the past two millennia. The author states that although the message had been directed at the Pharisees, that it also refers to that 90% of the human race who are not "born again." Thus, he concludes that everyone from Buddhists, to Hindus, to Wiccans are all Satanists, and that all worship Satan.

He refers to Hitler as "one of history's most famous witches and human sacrifice gurus." He refers repeatedly to the concept that there are only two religions in the world: Satanism and conservative Christianity. Since Wicca is not of the latter, it must be a form of Satanism.

He wrote: Wiccans "will spend eternity with Satan covered with maggots and burning in flames." 

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  1. Baalam's Ass Publishing at was a combination piano tuning and religious hatred web site. They're another equal-opportunity hate website. They attack Buddhism, Druidism, Evolution, Hinduism, homosexuality, martial arts groups, Promise Keepers, the Roman Catholic Church, Satanism, Wicca, etc.

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Copyright © 1998 to 2010 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2010-DEC-03
Author: B.A. Robinson

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