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Climate Change. Part 25:

During 2018-JUN:
A very few encouraging signs.

Hurricanes slowing as winds increase.
Changes in Antarctic ice and environment.
Norway's growing season increased.
A new world highest temperature.
Future ocean levels.
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This topic is continued from the previous essay

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Some encouraging signs about climate change:

  • The U.S. Climate Alliance released new targets. The Alliance represents a group of states led by California. Amazingly, the group includes three states led by Republican governors. Together they include 40% of the U.S. population. They have listed necessary goals for the U.S. to reach in order to meet its original Paris commitments.

  • McDonald’s, Walmart, Citigroup and other companies have pledged to abide by the Paris agreement.

  • Coal-fired power plants are continuing to be shut down.

  • The cost of solar renewable energy installations continues to fall, in spite of Trump's tariffs on solar panels. Also, the cost of wind and tidal generators is also falling. 1

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Hurricanes/Cyclones have been moving more slowly across the Earth, even as their winds increase:

Studies have shown that the winds generated by hurricanes are increasing, due to global climate change. This is because higher ocean temperature provides more energy for storms, thus fueling their intensity. However, other studies have shown that cyclones and hurricanes are moving slower on average across land and sea -- also due to global climate change. The migration speed of storms is known as their "translation speed."

James Kossin, an Atmospheric scientist, studied how quickly they moved across the planet during years from 1949 to 2016. He wrote an article in the June-07 issue of Nature.
Their translation speed slowed an average of 20% in the Western North Pacific, 15% in Australia and area. 6% in the North Atlantic, 4% in Eastern North Pacific and 4% in the Madagascar region. He reported that the slowdown in translation speed is consistent with the weakening in atmospheric circulation in the tropical parts of the planet, which in turn is also caused by global warming. 2

Hurricane Harvey may indicate the future trend of hurricanes with slow translation speeds, high wind velocity, and high rainfall -- all caused by climate change. It lingered for days over southern Texas in 2017-AUG. It was tied with Katrina as the most costly tropical hurricane on record, generating $125 billion in damages, and causing 82 fatalities.

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2018-JUN-13: Three trillion tons of ice has melted over the past 25 years in Antarctica. Implications for our future:

Steve Rintoul and Steven Chown, writing for The Conversation web site, said that:

"Antarctica lost 3 trillion tonnes of ice between 1992 and 2017, according to a new analysis of satellite observations."

That is about 900 pounds of ice melting per human on Earth. This has caused the level of the oceans of the world to rise by about 8 millimeters, or 0.3 inches. 3

In their accompanying article in Nature, they considered two scenarios over the next five decades:

  • If there is little effort made to reduce the current rate of increase of the emission of greenhouse gasses, then the climate will continue to warm at an accelerating rate, the melting rate of Antarctic ice will also accelerate, and the rate of rise of sea levels will increase to values not seen since the end of the last glacial period, more than 10,000 years ago. The sea level rise will reach 27 cm (11 inches) by the late 2060's.

    "Warming, sea-ice retreat, and ocean acidification [will] significantly change marine ecosystems. ... unrestricted growth in human use of Antarctica [will] degrade the environment and result in the establishment of invasive species."

  • If a major attempt is made to limit greenhouse gasses, and to limit human pressures on Antarctica's environment, then the global air temperature may only rise by 0.9° C (1.6° F), and Antarctica will look very much like it does today. Additional sea-level rise would be only 6 cm or 2.4 inches. 3

They conclude:

"While challenging, we can take action now to prevent Antarctica and the world from suffering out-of-control climate consequences. Success will demonstrate the power of peaceful international collaboration and show that, when it comes to the crunch, we can use scientific evidence to take decisions that are in our long-term best interest."

However, in the U.S., with the Trump Administration largely ignoring increasing rates of greenhouse gasses and global warming, it will be up to the states to make the hard decisions to prevent out-of-control climate change. Republican-led states appear uninterested.

line.gif (538 bytes)
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2018-JUN-16: OZY predicts that Norway's growing season will lengthen:

"By 2050, experts predict, northern Norway’s growing season could increase by four weeks. That’s just one example of how climate change is expanding what Nordic agriculture is capable of, and already helping more “heat demanding” crops, including legumes, corn and the world’s go-to staple, wheat. And now Danish vintners are even nurturing a nascent wine grape sector once ideally suited for only Europe’s southern and central regions. But growers lament global warming’s other effects, like increased rain and less sunshine — something that might yield an unpalatable future for Danish vintages." 4

These effects of global warming will probably affect Canada as well.

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2018-JUN-26: The city of Quriyat in Oman experienced the highest "overnight low" recorded temperature in world history:

Quriyat (a.k.a. Qurayyat) has about 50,000 residents. It is located on the Gulf of Oman, which is one of the warmest bodies of water in the world; its water temperatures often exceed 30°C (86°F).

On 2018-JUN-26, the evening overnight low was 42.6°C (108.7°F). This beats the record of 41.9°C (107.4°F) which was set at nearby Khassab Airport in Oman, about a year earlier on 2017-JUN-17. 5

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This topic continues in the next essay, with developments during 2018-JUL

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. Evan Halper, "Gov. Brown says fallout from Trump quitting Paris accord is 'far more serious than anyone is saying'," Los Angeles Times, 2018-JUN-01, at:
  2. Carolyn Gramling, "Tropical cyclones have slowed over the last 70 years," ScienceNews, 2018-JUN-06, at:
  3. Steve Rintoul and Steven Chown, "Antarctica has lost 3 trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years. Time is running out ..." The Conversation, 2018-JUN-13, at:
  4. "Scandinavian Farmers Are Basking in Global Warming," The Presidential Daily Brief, OZY, 2018-JUN-16, at:
  5. Dr. Jeff Masters, "A Minimum Temperature of 42.6 °C (108.7 °F) in Oman on June 26, 2018: a New World Record," Weather Underground, 2018-JUN-27, at: https://www.wunderground.comcat6/

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The following reports in this section that discuss environment and climate change may be of interest to you:

  • Part 1: 2013: Quotes. Background. Bay of Bengal incident. Decline in Canada's arctic ice cover.

  • Part 2: 2013/2014: Canada loses its seasons. 316 North American cities to be under water.

  • Part 3: 2013/2014: Christians, Republicans' & Democrats' beliefs differ. Volcanoes cause pauses in global warming. Americans' views on climate change.

  • Part 4: 2014/2015: How Americans viewed climate change. HFC limits. Groups abandoning ALEC. Paris Conference reaches agreement.

  • Part 5: 2016-FEB to AUG: Climate change concerns: Ocean levels rising. Displacement of animal species. Greenland glacier melting. "Third Pole" glaciers melting.

  • Part 6: 2016-SEP: Flooding on the U.S. East coast. U.S. and China ratify the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Pres. Obama: trends are "terrifying."

  • Part 7: 2016-SEP: Obama comments on warming (Con't). 31 countries ratify Paris agreement. Trump zigzags on Climate Change.

  • Part 8: 2016-Summer/Fall: Events showing that climate change is adversely affecting life on Earth

  • Part 9: 2016-OCT: Did God send Hurricane Matthew as an anti-LGBT message to humanity? Alternate opinions. Hurricane Matthew re-enters Atlantic Ocean.

  • Part 10: 2016-NOV: U.S. Costal real estate threatened. Rapid temperature rise in the Arctic. Very large poll about climate change.

  • Part 11: 2016-DEC: President-elect Trump's climate change beliefs. New heads of federal government departments. Extinction of 11 species.

  • Part 12: 2016-DEC: President-elect Trump's 16 Promised Plans on Energy and the Environment.

  • Part 13: 2017-JAN: 2016 Was The Hottest Year On Record, Ever.

  • Part 14: star 2017-JAN: Recent Climate Change Measurements!

  • Part 15:2017-JAN to APR: Climate Change Debate is Changing. What if All the Earth's Glaciers Melted?

  • Part 16: 2017-JAN to APR: Donald Trump Becomes President. EPA Foe Installed as Head of EPA! Hundreds Die During Flood in Colombia. Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Reaches New High.

  • Part 17: Studies of the Effects of Sea-level Rise in California between Now and the Year 2100.

  • Part 18: President Trump Decided that the U.S. Will Quit the Paris Agreement. Explosive Reactions to his Plan, nationally and globally.

  • Part 19: More Reactions to the U.S. Withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Record high temperatures in San Francisco and elsewhere.

  • Part 20:2017-AUG/SEP : Group of 20 summit meeting, Hurricane Harvey attacks Texas. Is climate change increasing the severity or frequency of hurricanes?

  • Part 21: 2017-SEP: 2017-SEP: Can government regulations help? U.S. record high temperatures. Did God send Hurricane Harvey to attack TX?. Hurricane Irma attacks Caribbean, FL, SC, GA. Hurricanes Jose & Maria.

  • Part 22: 2017-SEP/OCT: The most expensive recent hurricanes to attack the United States. Does God use Hurricanes to send a message? Conflicts, climate change cause rise in hunger.

  • Part 23: 2017-OCT to 2017-DEC: All UN states have signed the Paris Agreement. Government report contradicts the President. Comment by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

  • Part 24: 2018-JAN to MAY: New temperature records. President signs bill increasing research."Onion's" amusing fake news. Sea levels rising; cities under water. Climate change beliefs as function of age. Proposed Mount Trumpmore project. Volcano in Hawaii. How global warming is affecting California. Animal, Insect, & Bird Ranges Shrink. Nutrients in rice reduced. California Governor's comments.

  • Part 26: 2018-JUL: New York City reports to the UN. Impacts of humans burning up all our fossil energy. WWW.CLIMATECENTRAL.ORG's tools.
    Death Valley, CA, sets new record. Dissapearing wetlands in Louisiana. Climate change affecting Northern lands. Hurricane Florence.

  • Part 27: 2018-AUG & SEP: Dissapearing wetlands in Louisiana. Climate change affecting Northern countries. Hurricane Florence attacks the Carolinas. Pat Robinson's "Shield of Protection" doesn't work.

  • Part 28: 2018-SEP & OCT: Trump Admin. predicts: 7ºF temperature rise by the year 2099. Impact of climate change on women. Green Building Week & commitment. New IPCC report predicts a "Strong Risk of Crisis as early as 2040.

  • Part 29: 2018-OCT & NOV: Southern Baptist Convention downplays IPCC Report. Climate changing Fall season. Ozone layer continues to heal.
    Trump Confuses Weather & Climate.

  • Part 30: 2018-NOV: Hope for people who have no access to clean water. Trump Administration releases National Climate Assessment report. Reactions to the report.

  • Part 31: 2018-DEC: How to lie about climate change. UN head repeats warning. Major report on Arctic climate. Greenhouse gases soar. Can climate scientists be trusted?

  • Part 32: 2019-JAN: Collecting plastic trash from the Pacific Ocean. U.S. Public opinion on the environment. Status of climate change at the start of 2019.

  • Part 33: 2019-JAN-MAR: If Ocean Cleanup fails.... Public opinion on environment. Climate change in early 2019. Sea rise from Antarctic melting. Denmark fights cow flatulence. Disconnect between the EPA and climate scientists. Change is urgent NOW!

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Copyright © 2017 & 2018 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally posted: 2017-JUN-10
Latest update: 2018-JUL-16
Author: B.A. Robinson

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