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Climate Change. Part 31.
During 2018-DEC:

How to lie about climate change.
UN head repeats warning.
Major report on Arctic climate.
Greenhouse gases soar.
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This topic is continued from the previous essay

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Short-term vs Long-term variations in global temperature:

Climate researchers rarely refer to short-term temperature changes because such changes tend to be random. Researchers usually refer to long-term trends, as shown by the red line in the following graph. It clearly shows continual warming over the past three deades:

global average temperature 1

NOAA: Average global temperatures 1970 to 2013

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How to use measured temperature data to lie about climate change:

The above chart appears to report average global surface temperatures on a monthly basis.

This graph, and similar graphs produced by other agencies, can be used in different ways to prove that climate change is non-existent or that it is a major threat, or that global cooling is happening. It all depends upon the time span used in the analysis:

  • To "prove" that the earth's climate is rapidly cooling: Zero in on a major decrease in temperature, like what happened in 1990 when it dropped about 0.5 degrees in a matter of five months, or about -1.2 degrees a year.

  • To "prove" that climate is increasing at a phenominally rapid rate: Zero in on a major increase in temperature, like what happened in 1994-5 when it rose more than 0.7 degrees in a matter of 13 months or about +0.65 degrees a year.

On the other hand, for people with a higher ethical standard, they can promote the truth by drawing a long term trend line like the red line shown above and measure its slope: about +0.65 degrees over 42 years or about +0.15 degrees a decade.

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2018-DEC-03: UN Secretary-General Guterres repeated his earlier warning about climate change:

He joined delegates from almost 200 countries at the opening of the UN climate conference COP24 in Katowice, Poland. He said that climate change is"

"... the most important issue we face."

"Even as we witness devastating climate impacts causing havoc across the world, we are still not doing enough, nor moving fast enough, to prevent irreversible and catastrophic climate disruption. ..."

"Climate action is not just the right thing to do -- it makes social and economic sense.  Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement would reduce air pollution, saving more than a million lives each year by 2030, according to the World Health Organization.  According to the recent New Climate Economy report, ambitious climate action could yield 65 million jobs and a direct economic gain of $26 trillion compared to business as usual over the next 12 years.  We are seeing early signs of this economic transformation, but we are nowhere near where we need to be."

"Climate change is the single most important issue we face.  It affects all our plans for sustainable development and a safe, secure and prosperous world.  So it is hard to comprehend why we are collectively still moving too slowly ‑ and even in the wrong direction.  The IPCC’s Special Report tells us that we still have time to limit temperature rise.  But that time is running out." 2

Webmaster's note:

Unfortunately, there are three developments that must happen before "irreversible and catastrophic climate disruption" can be avoided:

  1. A general recognition that radical climate change is actually happening. A Monmouth University survey published on 2018-NOV-29 is encouraging. It indicated that the percentage of U.S. Republicans who recognize that the earth is warming has risen from 49% to 64% over the previous three years. Democrats and Independents, of course, have higher percentages. 3

  2. A general recognition that the change is severe. Also, over the same time interval, the percentage of U.S. adults who regard climate changes to be a "very serious problem" has increased from 41% to 54%, with opinions of Republicans trailing those of Democrats and Independents. 3

  3. A general acceptance that climate change caused by human activity. 97% of those scientific articles on climate change -- in which the authors mention the cause of global warming -- assert that climate change is caused by humans. The general population's opinion is MUCH less than this.
Most American adults also believe that we still have time to reverse the effects of climate change and prevent serious consequences of global warming. Unfortunately, most Americans also believe the government is incapable of making an substantial efforts in that direction. 4

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2018-DEC-07: Concentrations of greenhouse gases "soar to record levels:"

, writing for Live Science, said that global carbon emissions will reach an estimated 37.1 billion in 2018. This was caused by a 1.6% measured increase during 2017, and an estimated 2.7% increase in 2018, according to researchers at the Global Carbon Project.

Earth system science professor Robert Jackson at Stanford University said:

"For three years, we saw flat greenhouse gas emissions at the same time [that] the world economy grew. That was good news. We hoped that represented peak emissions. It didn't." 5

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Wood's Hole image 6

Image copied from the Woods Hole Research Center home page.

The image clearly describes what needs to be done:

1. Convince people that climate change is serious, and happening now.

2. Convince people that humans are causing global warming.

3. Convince people that humans, using science, can reverse the warming.

There are three ways to eliminate the threat:

  • We can significantly lower the average per-capita production of greehhouse gasses worldwide.

  • We can reduce the total human population on Earth by drastically reducing the birth rate, and/or

  • We can mount the largest human genocide the world has ever seen, hundreds of times worse than even the Nazi Holocaust, and wipe out, say, 50% of the total population.

Of course, we can elect to continue our current path, and take no action. In that case, Nature will automatically implement the genocide option for us.

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2018-DEC: NOAA's annual assessment of the state of the Arctic region:

The American Geophysical Union held a meeting in Washington DC during DEC-10 to 14. It was attended by delegates from almost 200 countries! 7

Emily Osborne presented the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) annual assessment of the state of the Arctic. Such reports have been issued annually since the year 2006. She is the lead editor of the report and is the manager of NOAA's Arctic Research Program. Their 2018 Arctic Report Card indicates that continuing warming in the Arctic is pushing the region into:

"... uncharted territory. ... We’re seeing this continued increase of warmth pervading across the entire Arctic system. [The Arctic is experiencing its] most unprecedented transition in human history. ... [During 2018] warming air and ocean temperatures continued to drive broad long-term change across the polar region. ... On the East Coast of the United States ... you have these Arctic air temperatures that are surging over into the lower latitudes and causing these crazy winter storms."

This is having increaingly intense affects on the climate, both in Canada and the continental United States. The temperature of the Arctic has been higher over the last five years than at any time during at least the past 12 decades. (Arctic records only started in the year 1900.)

Air temperatures in the Arctic during 2016 were the warmest ever recorded; temperatures during 2018 will be the second warmest.

Susan M. Natali, an Arctic scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Woods Hole, MA, who was not involved in the research, said the report was another warning going unheeded. She said:

"Every time you see a report, things get worse, and we’re still not taking any action. It adds support that these changes are happening, that they are observable."

One of the effects causing this warming is called "Arctic amplification." Extensive sea ice reflects most of the sun's rays back into space. However, as ice dissapears, the open ocean water is darker than the ice was. Thus, as sea ice melts, the water absorbs more heat. This, in turn, melts more sea ice, producing what is referred to as a "positive feedback loop" with accelerating impact.

Other observation are that:

  • What is referred to as "Old ice," persists from year to year and forms thick layers that resist melting. It has declined in area by 95% over the past 33 years!

  • With the warming of the ocean, algae is rapidly expanding in the Arctic and may cause poisoning of marine life and humans in the area.

  • The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet!

  • The populations of wild reindeer and caribou have tumbled by 50 percent over the last 20 years.

  • Greenland ice sheet is melting faster than it has in at least the past 350 years.

Rafe Pomerance, chairperson of Arctic 21, a group of agencies that attempt to educate politicians and other policymakers on Arctic climate change, said:

"The report card continues to document a rapid unraveling of the Arctic."

It states that:

"... the effects of persistent Arctic warming continue to mount. Continued warming of the Arctic atmosphere and ocean are driving broad change in the environmental system in predicted and, also, unexpected ways. ... The signals of decline are so powerful and the consequences so great that they demand far more urgency from all governments to reduce emissions." 7

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New York Times newsletter on climate change:

The Times has a free newsletter devoted to the "latest stories and insichts about climate change -- along with answers to your questions and tips on how to help." You can signup at:

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2018-DEC-10: Live Science magazine publishes a review of scientific evidence showing that greenhouse gases pose a threat to humans:

The article abstract states:

"We assess scientific evidence that has emerged since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 2009 Endangerment Finding for six well-mixed greenhouse gases, and find that this new evidence lends increased support to the conclusion that these gases pose a danger to public health and welfare. Newly available evidence about a wide range of observed and projected impacts strengthens the association between risk of some of these impacts and anthropogenic climate change; indicates that some impacts or combinations of impacts have the potential to be more severe than previously understood; and identifies substantial risk of additional impacts through processes and pathways not considered in the endangerment finding." 8,9

The term "anthropogenic climate change" generally refers to changes to the climate caused by human activity.

The group based their conclusions on an analysis of 275 scientific studies published since the year 2009.

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Did climate researchers in the 1970's actually predict global cooling in their future (our present)?:

Some current deniers of climate change claim that researchers in the 1970's predicted that the world was cooling and that another ice age might be in our near future. Deniers often point out that since researchers now claim the opposite is true, that they could not be trusted back in the 1970s and thus probably cannot be trusted now.

Reality can be found in a review of climate papers from 1865 to 1979 which was published in the 2008-SEP copy of the American Meterological Society's journal. It found that seven papers back then predicted global cooling while 42 predicted global warming. So, three decades ago, a very strong majority foresaw today's global warming.

The article in the AMS journal stated, in part:

"In July 1979 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Jule Charney, one of the pioneers of climate modeling, brought together a panel of experts under the U.S. National Research Council to sort out the state of the science. The panel's work has become iconic as a foundation for the enterprise of climate change study that followed. ... Such reports are a traditional approach within the United States for eliciting expert views on scientific questions of political and public policy importance. ... In this case, the panel concluded that the potential damage from greenhouse gases was real and should not be ignored. The potential for cooling, the threat of aerosols, or the possibility of an ice age shows up nowhere in the report. Warming from doubled C02 of 1.5°-4.5°C was possible, the panel reported." 10

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2018: The degree of satisfaction people worldwide have of their government's climate change actions:

Gallup conducted a series of public opinion polls in many countries of the world during 2018. Worldwide, 62% of adults are satisfied with their federal government's efforts. This support continues to grow. It compares with 60% in 2017 and 53% in 2016.

They found out that:

  • 73% in South Asia and 78% in Southeast Asia are satisfied with their country's leadership.
  • 50% in Belgium
  • 46% of U.S. adults are satisfied
  • 42% in the Middle East and North Africa
  • 40% in the Caribbean and Latin America
  • 39% in the former Soviet states
  • 36% in the UK
  • 34% in Ireland
  • 30% in Brazil. The survey was taken there before large parts of the Amazon rainforest was consumed by fire and deforestation. 11

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This topic continues in the next essay, with developments during 2019

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. Emily Atkin, "Stop Letting Republicans Lie on TV About Climate Science," The New Republic, 2018-NOV-27, at:
  2. "No Time Left for Limitless Negotiations, Secretary-General Stresses as Climate Talks Open, Warning: 'We Cannot Afford to Fail in Katowice'," United Nations, 2018-DEC-03, at:
  3. Michael Walsh, "Majority of Republicans now recognize reality of climate change: Poll ," Yahoo!, 2018-NOV-29, at:
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  10. Thomas C. Peterson et al., The Myth of the 1970s Global Cooling Scientific Concensus," Journal American Meteorological Society, 2008-SEP, at:
  11. Julie Ray, "How the World Grades Climate Actions," Gallup, 2019-SEP-24, at: (Included data from 2014 to 2019)

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  • Part 20:2017-AUG/SEP : Group of 20 summit meeting, Hurricane Harvey attacks Texas. Is climate change increasing the severity or frequency of hurricanes?

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  • Part 22: 2017-SEP/OCT: The most expensive recent hurricanes to attack the United States. Does God use Hurricanes to send a message? Conflicts, climate change cause rise in hunger.

  • Part 23: 2017-OCT to 2017-DEC: All UN states have signed the Paris Agreement. Government report contradicts the President. Comment by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

  • Part 24: 2018-JAN to MAY: New temperature records. President signs bill increasing research."Onion's" amusing fake news. Sea levels rising; cities under water. Climate change beliefs as function of age. Proposed Mount Trumpmore project. Volcano in Hawaii. How global warming is affecting California. Animal, Insect, & Bird Ranges Shrink. Nutrients in rice reduced. California Governor's comments.

  • Part 25: 2018-JUN & JUL: During 2018-JUN: A very few encouraging signs. Hurricanes slowing as winds increase. Changes in Antarctic ice and environment. Norway's growing season increased. A new world highest temperature. Future ocean levels.

  • Part 26: 2018-JUL: New York City reports to the UN. Impacts of humans burning up all our fossil energy. WWW.CLIMATECENTRAL.ORG's tools.
    Death Valley, CA, sets new record. Dissapearing wetlands in Louisiana. Climate change affecting Northern lands. Hurricane Florence.

  • Part 27: 2018-AUG & SEP: Dissapearing wetlands in Louisiana. Climate change affecting Northern countries. Hurricane Florence attacks the Carolinas. Pat Robinson's "Shield of Protection" doesn't work.

  • Part 28: 2018-SEP & OCT: Trump Admin. predicts: 7ºF temperature rise by the year 2099. Impact of climate change on women. Green Building Week & commitment. New IPCC report predicts a "Strong Risk of Crisis as early as 2040.

  • Part 29: 2018-OCT & NOV: Southern Baptist Convention downplays IPCC Report. Climate changing Fall season. Ozone layer continues to heal.
    Trump Confuses Weather & Climate.

  • Part 30: 2018-NOV: Hope for people who have no access to clean water. Trump Administration releases National Climate Assessment report. Reactions to the report.

  • Part 32: 2019-JAN: Collecting plastic trash from the Pacific Ocean. U.S. Public opinion on the environment. Status of climate change at the start of 2019.

  • Part 33: 2019-JAN-MAR: If Ocean Cleanup fails.... Public opinion on environment. Climate change in early 2019. Sea rise from Antarctic melting. Denmark fights cow flatulence. Disconnect between the EPA and climate scientists. Change is urgent NOW!

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Originally posted: 2018-NOV-23
Latest update: 2019-OCT-17
Author: B.A. Robinson

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