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Data that we collect about
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A new European Union data protection law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), became effective on 2018-MAY-25.

The law requires that all web sites supply to their visitors information about the data that they collect from visitors, how the data is used, etc.

In order to comply with this law, we supply the informaton below:

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Website Privacy Policy:

We do not collect information from individual visitors -- such as their name, gender, age, address, state or province, postal code, country, U.S. Social Security Number or Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN), etc.

Since we do not sell any products, we do not ask for or store visitors' credit card numbers, banking information, etc.

We use Google Analytics on our Site. It is a website analysis service provided by Google, Inc. Google utilizes the data they collect to track and examine the use of this Site, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use the data to optimize the ads supplied to our site and other web sites. You can opt-out of Google Analytics tracking at: developers.google.com/analytics/

We occasionally use Google Analytics reports, but only to see overall traffic, like what percentage of the site traffic originates from various countries, etc. But again, we only access site-wide data, not individual's data.

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Cookie Notice:

This web site does not use cookies.

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Privacy Statement:

This web site does not collect visitors' personal data. When we tap into information on Google Analytics, Alexa, and similar services, we are able to obtain only total information from all visitors as a group. We do not receive information about individual visitors.

The one exception is when a visitor to our site sends us an email at ocrtfeedback@gmail.com. Gmail displays the sender's name and email address. We occasionally store incoming emails in Gmail folders on our office computer.

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Original posting: 2018-MAY-25
Updated: 2021-MAY-07
Author: B.A. Robinson, Coordinator
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