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We receive many unsolicited comments each day.

bullet Positive reviews outnumber the negative ones by about 3.5 to 1. In many cases, we get some really good ideas on how to improve our web site, and follow up on them.

bullet Sometimes, we are asked a really interesting question which we try to answer to the best of our ability.


Other times, we get specific complaints from our readers which include the description of an error, and the name of the file where it occurs. We welcome these because they enable us to improve the accuracy of our essays. These Emails are given the highest priority. The file name is important to us because we are able to locate the problem text much quicker. Otherwise, we have to search for the file from among our 8,200 or so essays and menus.

We document significant errors in our errata section. In the almost 20 years that our website has been online, we have never seen another religious website with an errata section. Apparently, the other tens of millions of religious websites either don't make errors. or don't acknowledge having made them.

bullet Unfortunately, most of the negative comments are non-specific. They are general attacks on our whole web site, and thus don't help us to correct any errors.

Some of the more colorful responses are shown below. [We occasionally cannot resist adding our own comments in brackets.]

We have put approximately equal numbers of positive and negative comments because the latter are so amusing. They also demonstrate the degree of hatred that can be generated by those who are religiously devout and yet profoundly intolerant. We have not edited any of the comments. However, we inserted some dashes in place of letters in certain four letter words, in order to avoid upsetting our visitors. Of course, we have not published any information that would reveal anything about the identity or location of the writers.

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