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Errata section: A list of corrections of
errors that were made on this web site:

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We try to write balanced, clear, objective and accurate essays. Unfortunately, the nature of our site requires us to be generalists. We know only a tiny bit about a wide range of religions and religious topics. We must base our essays on material obtained from religious books, media accounts, Internet reports, personal contacts, and other sources. We are continually amazed at the amount of misinformation and disinformation circulating about religion and spirituality. Unfortunately, we sometimes accidentally incorporate these errors into our essays without realizing it.  

Fortunately, our visitors occasionally E-mail us and alert us to errors that we have picked up from these sources. When our visitors include the name of the file (e.g. christ.htm) and a description of the error, we are able to find the correct file from among the over 6,300 essays and menus in our web site 1 and make any needed corrections. We hope that the end result is a gradual increase in the accuracy of the web site, and thus of its credibility.

We have listed significant error corrections that we have made since mid-2000. In addition to these corrections, we also make dozens of minor updates to existing essays each day as new information becomes available. We also create one or more new essays daily.

The web site first went online during 1995-APR, when the entire Internet consisted of a few thousand web sites. As of early 2017, there are over a billion domain names registered. During our 22 years of exploring the Internet, we do not recall having seen another religious web site with an errata section.

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Descriptions of errors corrected from the year:

bullet 2000

bullet 2001

bullet 2002

bullet 2003

bullet 2004

bullet 2005

bullet 2006

bullet 2007

bullet 2008

bullet 2009

bullet 2010

bullet 2011

bullet 2012

bullet 2013

bullet 2014

bullet 2015

bullet 2016

bullet 2017

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  1. The number of essays and menus was correct as of 2014-JAN-28. It is continually increasing, slightly more than one a day.
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