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In an essay on free religious speech in U.S. public schools, we discussed an incident in Willis TX, and stated that Willis is near Dallas, TX. Actually, it is about 50 miles North of Houston.

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We made a mathematical error In an essay on reparative therapy. This form of counseling allegedly changes the sexual orientation of homosexuals so that they become heterosexuals. We calculated the successful conversion rate during one study as 0.4%. It is actually 0.04%. 

In our essay on the mention of salvation in the ancient creeds and in the Bible, we had said that Luke 19:8-9 was the only place in the synoptic gospels that the word "salvation" appears. We had intended to say that it is the only location in the synoptic gospels where Jesus uses the word "salvation."

Our essay on female ordination said that Antoinette Brown was ordained by the Congregationalist Church in 1852. Actually, it was on 1853-SEP-15.

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In our essay which describes Christians' beliefs about Jesus' resurrection, we quoted a statement allegedly made by David Jenkins, the former Anglican Bishop of Durham. He was widely misquoted as having said that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a "conjuring trick with bones." He actually said that the Resurrection was "much more than a conjuring trick with bones".

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In our essay about "Choose Life" license plates, we mentioned that the proceeds went to "pro-choice" groups. Actually they generally go only to "pro-life" groups who refer women to adoption agencies and who refuse to give referrals to abortion clinics.

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In our essay about when human life (in the form of a spermatozoa and ovum) becomes a human person, we wrote: "Everyone agrees that a newborn child is a human person." One would think that, by now, we would realize that any sentence that begins "Everyone agrees that..." is certainly to be in error. In this case, Peter Singer, a professor at Princeton University, believes that personhood is only achieved a few weeks after birth. He seems to be alone in this belief. However, even if he is the only person in the world believes this, then our  statement is false. We have modified it to read "Almost everyone...."

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bullet In our essays about theological criticisms that others have raised about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (Mormons), we identified the author of "Doctrines of Salvation" as Joseph Smith, the founder of the church. Actually it was Joseph Fielding Smith, the sixth president of the church.
bullet In our essay on Easter, we attributed the origin of the English word: "Sunday" to "Sol," the Roman God of the Sun. The Latin phrase "Dies Solis" means "day of the Sun." Some believe that it is derived from the name of the Scandinavian sun Goddess Sunna (a.k.a. Sunne, Frau Sonne).

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bullet In our essay on the differences between the Gospel of John and the remaining three gospels that made it into the Christian Scriptures, we correctly said that only one fragment of one of these four gospels survived from the early first century CE. However, we made an errror when we wrote that the remaining surviving copies are dated to the third century CE. Actually there many fragments have been found of gospels from the second half of the second century.
bullet In our essay on homosexuality and the Conservative Jewish movement, we stated in error that women were not allowed to be ordained as rabbis. Actually, the first woman was ordained in that movement in 1985. It is the Orthodox Jewish movement which still refuses to consider any woman as a rabbinical candidate.

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bullet Our essay on the Jehovah's Witnesses and vaccination cited the name of the predecessor magazine to Awake! as Consolidation. Actually, it was Consolation.
bullet One of our essays on Christian urban legends stated that the Bible implies that the earth was created in 4004 BCE. Actually, that is only one estimate of the earth's age derived from the Bible. Other estimates range back as far as 10000 BCE.

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We transferred an error about the Christadelphians from our reference texts into our essay. Those sources stated that the Christadelphians were monotheists who believed in the unity of God, much as do Jews and Muslims. They actually believe in Manifestation. Their founder, John Thomas, wrote that "...the Father is God and Jesus is God; and we may add, so are all the brethren of Jesus gods; and a multitude which no man can number'."

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Our essay about the history of abortion in the Christian church describes the various flip-flops within Christianity in Western Europe. It neglected to mention the Orthodox Churches, which have continuously maintained their opposition to abortion at any stage in pregnancy.

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Our essay on polygyny within the Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) defined the Law of Sarah incorrectly. It explained the end result of the Law -- that wives had to meekly accept their husband's new wife. But it did not explain the Law itself: that the first wife had to give her husband permission to marry. She had the choice -- in theory but not in practice -- to deny her husband that right.

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Copyright 2000 to 2003 incl., by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
From a list originally written: 2000-JUN-12
Latest update: 2003-DEC-26
Author: B.A. Robinson

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