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There was once a king. He owned a far away land. It was the most beautiful land in the world. He was a good king. He wanted only good for all who inhabited his land. He had rules of goodness that had to be followed to get into his kingdom. He was a perfect man in all his ways. The world being so full of evil and sin and sickness and all sorts of problems, he made a road into his kingdom. He said all who follow this road can enter in. But in order to travel his narrow road, you had to be perfect as he was perfect.

No man was able to live up to his rules to enter the road. So he, the wise king decided that people would need a guide -- someone to show them the way. But there was no man to be found. So the king decided to send his only son, who was perfect just like he was.

So he sent his son. And the people hated his son -- all but a few. They all wanted their own way. They rejected his ways and chose their own selfish and evil ways. They were told that if they wanted to live in the wonderful kingdom they must follow him. For he was just like his Father. So the son went about telling all of the king's love for them. He said a man must be willing to die for his neighbor. But they listened not to the king's son. The son said: " I speak of my father not of myself. I have came on his behalf." He had few followers who would join him. And he and the few traveled trying to bring people into his fathers wonderful paradise. He said: "A man must follow me to enter the road my father has chosen. I am the way -- the only way. Listen to me, for my father and I are as one. I say what he says."

He said you must stop doing the evil you are doing, for at my father's house there is no evil. You must change and become as me: perfect. I have came to give you that life. Only through me can you be changed. I have the power of life and death. But the people hated him. They killed the king's son, because they loved their evil ways and they wanted the lives they had. But the wise king had already known what would be done to his son when he sent him. For he and his son had talked about it. The son and the king had an agreement: that the son would die for those of them who would inherit his kingdom. And that he would die at the hands of those who did not want it. And then the king who had all power over life and death said: "I will bring you up again to life. And you will bring life to all who will receive you. Through your death you will pay for their sins. All they must do is accept you as the way to me."

Events unfolded as the the king and son had agreed. They killed the king's son. But on the third day he was brought back to life again. He appeared to those who had followed him, and he told them that all was well. They would be with him in his father's kingdom. And he told them to tell all men of his way -- that he had paid the price to make them worthy to enter his father's wonderful kingdom. And he said to all that would choose his way that they would live forever in paradise with him and his father. And all who refused his way would be left to die and remain outside his wonderful kingdom.

So the owner of the kingdom the king made a road. He made a way to enter his kingdom. There was only one road. If a man took any other road, it would lead him to death and not to the king's paradise land. So all who followed the king's son found life. And all who refused? Well, all other roads lead to the same place. Not to the king's place. And only the king had true life.

So the road we choose takes us to where we end up. There is one way to God. Jesus Christ. All other roads lead only to death. That is the moral of my story.

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Copyright 2002 by Daren Crane
Originally written: 2002-MAY-24
Latest update: 2002-MAY-24
Author: Daren Crane

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