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Declaration of peace:

Making a personal commitment

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Peace throughout the world will never be accomplished until it is first embraced by individuals. The following Declaration of Peace is an attempt to encourage people to make a personal commitment to peace.

We received the Declaration via an unsolicited Email. We do not know the original author, but have assumed that it is in the public domain.

It obviously came from a NeoPagan or Goddess worshiper. However, it can easily be adopted by people who believe in a male deity by replacing the words "Mother" and "of the Goddess" with "Father" and "of God".

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Declaration of PEACE

I, _______________________________________ , a citizen of the Planet Earth, do declare that it is my right and desire to live in peace with myself, with my neighbors, and with the world.

To this end, I further declare:
bulletThat I will see and treat all people as my sisters and brothers, equal and loved as children of the Mother.
bulletThat I will see and treat Mother Earth and all her creatures with love, respect and reverence.
bulletThat I will see and treat myself as a child of the Goddess, worthy of love, and having gifts to share with all.

Signed on this ___ day of the month and year of_____ ____________, by me,


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To join in this vision of peace for our world, please consider doing the following:

  1. Send blank copies of this Declaration of Peace to everyone you can: Friends, family, co-workers and especially those people who are in a position to influence people and events, such as teachers, legislators (mayors, governors, Congress people, even the President), Clergy, entertainers, etc. Send it as a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper, or your favorite magazine. Send it to organizations and ask them to share it with their members. Send it to correspondents in other countries and let it spread there, since the healing must be global.
  2. Keep one signed copy in a conspicuous spot, preferably framed and hanging on a wall at home or work, for all to see, as a reminder to be at peace with yourself. The healing starts here!

Thank you for helping to plant the seeds of Peace.

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