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An imaginative essay concerning the evolution of species, donated by Sharlene Dodds

Que Sera Sera -- Love, Learn and Laugh

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Having had the influence of other cultures around while growing up, one tends to form their own belief system, as a result of coping skills.

One thing my Christian mother taught me is "through God all things are possible." There are many different beliefs about the beginning of the universe. There is no right or wrong; rather all things may have happened. One example is Big Bang = Creation Evolution = the process the( Id) factor (GOD)

Big Bang led to the sudden existence of life-giving factors colliding and mingling visually much like a Kaleidoscope... Thus a planet capable of sustaining life is born and on it so were we formed perhaps as worm-like creatures at the bottom of the oceans, to evolve one day to a human type form. Perhaps we remained in the oceans until the Dinosaur age passed, slowly evolving; developing appendages.

Perhaps the reason why so many different colors of people are attracted to someone of a different color is because they evolved along side some fellow worm of a different color.

Then came the ice age trough which The Id factor created a newer form of the evolutionary process for us. We became actual thinking creatures evolved out of the sea some no longer dependent on perhaps an asexual mother worm.

The more we evolved, the more God gave us to learn. For example, little pink worms developed their own sense of self and sexuality, not having to reproduce asexually. Being rather fond of little brown worms' appearance God tossed in something from the stars -- another particle or element which created a little brown worm for pink worm of a opposite gender so thus a new species  developed.

They grew from the ocean amphibian-like, then eventually evolved to humanoids and to prehistoric man. Others evolved in another direction and invaded the lives of the worms. This was the beginning of social malfunctioning. If we could have all evolved like pink and brown worms, watching, waiting, and trusting the Id factor to toss us each a piece of the universe to create our pink or brown, then belief systems would all be the same. Thus there would have been no social malfunction.

Perhaps patience is one of the hardest things God ever tried to teach his creation. Think about it: A teacher in a classroom with 20 kids all wanting the exact same thing at one time, or parent trying to divy out the exact same sizes of cake. at a birthday party. God=Id factor, (he or she) is trying to raise zillions of little worms  to be happy well-rounded individuals each with our own purpose.

MAN THAT IS ONE UNIVERSE FULL OF JOY - AND -MAYHEM. So what do we do if God controls all: live , love, laugh and learn)?  The universal Kaleidoscope turns and probably never stops or has a speed limit as a mothers work is never done. We will find what we learn puts us in a whole different area of the Kaleidoscope. Perhaps even a whole new Kaleidoscope some where else in the unending universe

Que Sera Sera. Collide with me Learn, Laugh and Love with me ....Thank You For Sharing This Earth.

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Copyright © 2009 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Written 2009-JUN-18
Posted: 2009-SEP-18
Author: Sharlene Dodds

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